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Bernard Ablola is the co-author of "How to Start an Online Business in 30 Days." He is a partner of www.thinkstrategy.com, a Seattle based advertising firm that specializes in SEO and PPC. His experience includes working with the Microsoft Corporation, where he managed multi-million dollar search advertising campaigns for the world's largest advertisers. He received his BA from University of Baltimore and an MBA from Seattle University. Bernard lives in Seattle and loves to travel the world.
Why Mobile is the Next Big Thing for Internet Marketing

In the 1800s, the light bulb was considered a breakthrough for humankind. In the 1940s, commercial air travel changed the transportation industry. In the 1990s, the Internet changed business as we once knew it forever. The 21st century is here and so is mobile. Cell phone companies know a secret that most business owners do […]

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How to Buy Existing and Aged Domains

Have you ever heard of buying and selling domain names? This activity happens everyday and you can get the deal of the century if you know where to buy. Domain names are Internet real estate and increase in value depending on search engine volume. You can buy existing and aged domains to setup a website […]

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Merchant Accounts for Internet Marketers and Online Businesses

Making money online. Three words that roll of the tongue so nice. There is however a catch. You can’t make money online without some way to process credit cards or e-check transactions. That’s where merchant accounts for Internet marketers and online businesses come into the picture. It seems like there are a bazillion merchant account […]

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If You Build It, Traffic Will Come

Having a website is just one part of branding and introducing products, ideas or services to the world. Enhancing your website with a blog is one of the ways that you can build a daily source of traffic. The early days of blogging online offered more journalistic approaches on underground topics and many blogs were not mainstream […]

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How To Find JV Partners For Info Products

Implementing a great business idea online takes more than just creativity and desire. Having the power and convenience of digital technology at your fingertips doesn’t mean you must do everything yourself. Take a great business idea to the next level using the power of partnerships. Networking with like-minded teams can launch an idea far beyond […]

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Online Marketing Strategies for 2012

2011 was the year of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. While all three social media giants will be big players in 2012, you’ll likely need to play several more cards in order to create the ever important ‘wow’ factor that is necessary to drive traffic to your website. Make 2012 the year that you shift your […]

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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Have you ever considered becoming an affiliate marketer? Affiliate marketing is a business model where affiliates get paid for referring customers or sales to a business. In this article, you will find information about how affiliate marketing works, what it really is and is not, why you should become an affiliate, where to find affiliate […]

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