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Brian is an internet marketing expert and serial entrepreneur. He built his first website at age 21 and turned it into a multi-million dollar empire by age 29. Brian turned a $1,500 investment into 5.5+ Million in annual sales. Brian currently owns over 300 niche websites.
MarketSamurai.com Review

Market Samurai is a powerful internet marketing tool that can do a lot more than keyword research. It can be used for competition research and niche marketing analysis. This piece of software has been helping many internet marketers make their dream come true and earn money online.Some people describe Market Samurai as a keyword research […]

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Do Long Domain Names Affect Your Rankings

If your registered a domain name in 1997 or later, you were probably aware that only 22 character were available for a .com, .net or .org domain. The use of long domains was not available and it made for some creative ways to come up with a memorable domain name. Fast forward to 2012 and […]

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Directory of Ezines Review

If you have decided to advertise in ezines and are looking for a tool or guidance to simplify the process and eliminate the guess work, you are in the right place. In this article, you will be introduced to one of the best ezine marketing programs, called the Directory of Ezines. This program was created […]

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How to Get a Website Indexed

Having a website is so great that nearly everyone has one. Domain names are cheap and hosting can be free so it makes perfect sense to get one. There is one catch to putting up a website for the world to see. Without search engines indexing it, it might not get the attention that it […]

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.CO Domains Ranking First in Google, Yahoo and Bing

With all of the bad news about traffic loss and Penguin updates, there is some good news that has recently been published about .co domain names. Over 10 years ago .co was first brought to life as a domain out of Columbia. In the era of .com websites, the .co was overshadowed and despite many […]

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New Generic Top Level Domains 2012

Remember when having a .com name was cutting-edge? That’s so 1997. It has taken over 7 years of development to put together a new domain naming system that will be launched in early 2013. If you’re an Internet marketer or business owner, you have probably been disappointed before when you went to register a .com […]

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15 Free Keyword Tools to Help Find What People are Searching for Online

What do people search for anyway? The real truth is only Google, Yahoo and Bing know the actual data. We have compiled a list of 15 free keyword tools to help find what people are searching for online so you can get more traffic for your website or blog. There are plenty of keywords related […]

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Best Ezine Directories List

What is an Ezine? It is an electronic newsletter or magazine that is published on a serial basis. How is it pronounced? Most people say “e zeen” and if you want to get a good laugh ask 10 people how to pronounce it and you’ll get some funny pronunciations. Regardless of what you call it, […]

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