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Brian is an internet marketing expert and serial entrepreneur. He built his first website at age 21 and turned it into a multi-million dollar empire by age 29. Brian turned a $1,500 investment into 5.5+ Million in annual sales. Brian currently owns over 300 niche websites.
45 Ways to Use Fiverr for Business

Unless you have been living in a cave without wifi, you have probably heard of Fiverr.com.  A melting pot of all things 5 bucks, Fiverr is a one stop shop for some killer business tools and some not so practical things.  Below is a list of some great resources that can help your online business […]

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What is Retargeting and How To Use it

Have you ever wondered why some websites seem to be everywhere that you are online? Probably 90% of them are not spending the amount of money that you think they are to reach out to you online. Banner ads can be expensive for such a massive campaign, but we have found a much easier way […]

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Our Top 5 Outsourcing Websites

Making money online is a great thing. Producing a steady stream of income from the products or services that you sell is an amazing. One of the secrets that successful Internet marketers use has nothing to do with SEO, click-through ratios or building landing pages. Outsourcing is a great way to get a lot of […]

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Interview with Dan Gronsbell of Synnd.com

      Recently we wrote a review for Synnd.com, one of our favorite tools we have come across lately. I love this tool so much I had to learn more and really wanted to share with our readers what it means to run your social media campaigns on autopilot. What does automation mean for […]

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Google AdWords Implements Information Harvesting Ban

What did a landing page and a Google ad have in common? Fresh leads. Revenue. How about a way to beat the competition? Those days have likely come to an end for Internet marketers because now Google AdWords implements information harvesting ban to virtually shut down Internet marketers using AdWords to collect consumer information. This […]

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What is the Best Keyword Density for Blog Posts?

Writing daily blog posts is a great way to achieve Internet fame. This new found fame can also start making you money if you use the right Internet marketing tools. It’s all about the words on the page in the beginning and quality content is important. An equally important aspect of operating your blog is […]

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How to Get Free .EDU Links

Spend a little time eavesdropping on two Internet marketers and you’ll likely to hear a lot about building high PR .edu links. Some links are just boring links and then some links are the Holy Grail to Google. Domains that are .edu extensions are always highly favored by all search engines. Because these websites are […]

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Social Media Management on Autopilot

Social media is here to stay. As social beings, we like to converse with each other, and we seek recommendations from our peers.  These recommendations have been coined “social signals”, which can include Likes on Facebook, Tweets on Twitter, Votes on Reddit,.. and you get the idea.  Social signals are critical for many reasons, but […]

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