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Ryan is an internet marketing expert and real estate investor. He started marketing and investing at the age of 26. Ryan personally managed one of the top real estate businesses in the country. Follow Ryan
How to Do Ad Swaps

There are few things quite as lonely as a barebones email list. You can try all of the Internet marketing tricks you know of in a certain niche and still end up with a miniscule email list. If you are tired of reading success stories of Internet marketers making 2K a day through email, you […]

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YouTube Video Creation Ideas for Camera Shy Marketers

Not everyone is ready for a close up, but there are only so many PowerPoint, slideshow or text videos that you can create on YouTube before you start to lose viewers. Marketers that are a little shy about getting on camera and getting a message out to the Internet world are in luck. There are […]

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Online Real Estate Marketing Strategies for 2012

The housing market has changed significantly over the past several years. Housing prices have faced a steady decline in value. This has left many homeowners upside down on their mortgage. They now owe more on their home than the actual value. While some homeowners have simply walked away from the debt and their dream home, […]

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What is Social Networking?

Social networking is a process in which individuals and groups talk, share, and socialize, and today, the most common form of social networking is on the internet. While communities and social groups have been networking for years by mail and word of mouth, nothing is more effective than the internet. It’s fast, all-encompassing, and actually, […]

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Google’s Most Drastic Changes Yet to the Way We Search

In case you haven’t heard Google just dropped a bombshell on the way we search for things on our beloved search engine. CNN.Com’s headline dubs it “most radical transformation ever”. They are calling it “Search, plus Your World” and if you didn’t think you had a reason to join Google+ before, maybe this will change […]

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Use Facebook to Grow Your Business: Harness the Power of Social Media Marketing

Business Has Always Been About Social Networking Word of mouth advertising, brand building, and creating a community, have long been business concepts, well before the advent of the internet. The only difference today is that these objectives can be accomplished on a much greater level than previously possible. Although there is a great deal of […]

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Using Google+ Hangouts to Build Relationships

Google+ Hangouts is the new video conferencing platform launched by Google and it is integrated into its social networking site – Google+. Google+ Hangouts enable one to do video conferencing with many others live over the Internet, if they just have a web-cam and headphone/ mic. The big difference with Google+ Hangouts when compared to […]

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Using Google+ For Business

Some analysts estimate that Google+ will have more than 300 million users by 2013, so using Google+ for business is an important consideration. Although Google+ now allows you to create business profiles, you can also use Circles to promote and market your business through your personal account. This is especially useful for creating personal relationships […]

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