45 Ways to Use Fiverr for Business

Unless you have been living in a cave without wifi, you have probably heard of Fiverr.com.  A melting pot of all things 5 bucks, Fiverr is a one stop shop for some killer business tools and some not so practical things.  Below is a list of some great resources that can help your online business without breaking the bank.

1. Custom Videos
2. Custom Songs
3. Link Building
4. Banners
5. Review Testimonials
6. Websites
7. QR Codes
8. Unique Content
9. Website Design
10. Voice Overs
11. Transcriptions
12. Oddball Promotion
13. Business Cards
14. Create Power Point Presentations
15. Turn Sales Letters Into Video Sales Letters
16. Press Releases
17. Kindle Conversions
18. E-Book Covers
19. Blogroll Links
20. Guest Posts
21. Custom Twitter Backgrounds
22. Custom Youtube Backgrounds
23. Video Distribution
24. Iphone Apps
25. Convert Pictures to Cartoons
26. Get YouTube Subscribers
27. Custom Facebook Pages
28. Get Facebook Likes
29. Buy Gifts for Clients
30. Movie Trailer Type Intro Videos
31. Get Full Website Analysis
32. Get Radio Spots
33. Buy Solo Ads
34. RSS Submissions
35. Social Bookmarking
36. Wiki Links
37. Edu Links
38. .Gov Links
39. YouTube Views
40. Blog Comments
41. Reviews
42. People Modeling Your Product on Video
43. Company Jingles
44. Logos
45. Outsource Other Peoples Paid Services

And this is just a very small portion of what you can find.

Have you ever used Fiverr for your business?

What did you find and how did it work for you?

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