7 Methods to Improve Adwords Quality Score

A high quality-score for keywords is essential to maintaining a high return on investment (ROI) on Google AdWords. Keywords that have better scores tend to be ranked higher in search results and pay a lower cost per click. This lowers the capital required for each visitor and ultimately each sales conversion.

The AdWords quality score can be improved by taking some basic steps in keyword management.

  • Generate relevant and effective ad copy.

    One of the major factors in the quality score is the click thru rate(CTR). Copy needs to grab the readers attention and offer clear value in clicking the link. The relation between the copy and keyword is also an important factor in the quality score.

  • Segregate keywords with grouping.

    Keywords absolutely must be grouped with similar keywords. Google analyzes the CTR of the group in addition to the individual rate. Grouping keywords that target different products or different types of users will likely damage the score of all the keywords.

  • Use landing pages.

    Keywords should direct traffic to highly relevant and very high-quality content. This is most easily achievable through landing pages. These are also great tools for catering marketing efforts to specific customer groups.

  • Split-test landing pages and ad copy to determine the most effective combination.

    Testing multiple variables is essential to AdWords success. A PPC campaign should be a carefully targeted effort and split-testing is one of the best methods for identifying user needs.

  • Remove keywords that do not return strong results.

    A few poorly performing keywords can generate low enough CTR to bring down their group and the AdWords account as a whole. If changing ad copy does not improve results, delete these keywords.

  • Use variation of the initial keyword.

    Almost any keyword can be flipped to form a range of alternatives. Negatives are a very common tactic to change up keywords. Targeting these may provide better results than the original keyword. At the very least, they offer another audience to target.

  • Manage AdWords campaigns frequently.

    As a central part of an online business, PPC advertising should be a focus of the business goals. However, some website administrators fail to consistently check and maintain their AdWords account. This can be a very costly mistake.

When used in combination, these methods will result in an excellent AdWords quality score. This higher score will increase profits and the total ROI for any PPC campaign.

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