Ahref’s Review

Do you want to track who is linking to your site, or are you looking for an absolute solution to spy on your competition? In both cases, Ahrefs.com can provide you exceptional services, and you can be impressed with the usefulness and the functionality of the services.

The site is one of the popular tools for bloggers and webmasters and provides useful backlink services and SERPs analysis. The tool provides exceptional value for users since it provides 100% exact information by reporting all actual backlinks, so you can see the real value of a site.

Also, Ahrefs’ SERP’s base uses almost 50’000’000 keywords in nine different languages generated in nine different countries. The only keywords that have at least 30 monthly search volumes are included to the data of the tool to guarantee that users receive relevant and significant data from Ahrefs.

The Services That Ahrefs Provides

The main services of Ahrefs mostly require a fee, but there are some really useful free services available on the site. For example, you can analyze your sites on Ahrefs for free. Also, you get limited free access to the service of getting quick summary for a website URL.

In addition to these free services, paid services create great value for its users. With Ahrefs, you can compare multiple sites visually, create complete reports and save these reports in a CSV file to analyze later. Moreover, you can analyze any URL’s SERPs with the help of Ahrefs.

The Technology Behind It

One of the reasons Ahrefs is able to provide exceptional services for their users is the advanced technology. They use their own bot which crawls billions of web pages every day. They also use their own index and update and store the information for a trillion website connections every 30 minutes. In fact, you get real-time accurate data from Ahrefs. Moreover, web pages are rated according to quantity and also quality and web pages with high ratings are visited first and more often.

The Tools / Sections for Members

The tools or sections that will be available for your use after your membership are Site Explorer, SERPs Analysis, Reports and Labs. The first tool of Ahrefs is Site Explorer, and it gives you information about backlink statistics, the number of total backlinks, backlink details, like no follow and link with images or with anchor text, for the URL you provide. Site Explorer tool, also provide HTTP status codes information, including 301 and 302.

In addition to the general report, you can search Site Explorer tool with other research options like new links, lost links, anchor text profile, referring domain breakdown, pages that were crawled on the site and SERP rankings.

The second tool is SERP analysis, and it simply provides the Google, Bing and Yahoo rankings with the information of position, keyword, ranking URL, estimated cost, CPC, global search volume and advertiser competition.

Next, Standard Reports give all the necessary information for SEO analysis of a domain while Raw Export Reports give deeper information for further analysis. The final section is the Labs section. Here, you can see the top 1 million domains of Ahrefs ordered by the number of backlinks. Also, you can compare up to 5 domains to evaluate different backlink metrics.

Final Words:

I am personally impressed with the excellent value Ahrefs provides and think that it is worth it to try. The wide range of information provided, speed of the tool, update of data every 30 minutes, capabilities of report filtering, and ease of use make Ahrefs a must try tool. Visit http://ahrefs.com to take advantage of this useful tool today.

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