Brian’s Top 10 Free Google SEO Tools

I was sitting and thinking about how when I started in SEO there was not much information online. Successful Internet marketers wouldn’t dare give away anything for free to help me learn something new to use for my websites. My own hard work and motivation helped teach me the bulk of what I learned about SEO. Because of that experience, I wanted to give away some things free of charge to help you.

The first freebie is an e-book written and published by Google for SEO. The book “Search Optimization Starter Guide” is available for download right here. It is packed full of tips and tricks that you can use to optimize your website exactly how Google prefers it to be optimized. No other search engine actually writes books and tells you how to rank your website. It’s a great read!

I also made a list of the Top 10 Google SEO Tools that you can use to help maximize your SEO campaign for your website. Each of these tools will be described briefly to give you an introduction into how they can be used to improve your SEO efforts.

1. Google Adwords Keyword Tool

This handy tool allows you to see the actual search volume that certain keywords have in Google for the USA and the rest of the world. When selecting your primary and secondary keywords, you can get a better idea of what words or phrases will attract the most traffic to your website. The tool also gives you insight into the average cost-per-click for each keyword. This is helpful to determine what keywords are the most profitable if you plan to profit with your website from Google’s Adsense program.

2. YouTube Keyword Tool

Your SEO campaign will likely include streaming video to help skyrocket your website through the Google rankings. Just like keywords for your content, Google makes it easy to find the best keywords to use with your videos. You have complete control over the country, demographic, age group or special interests. You can export the list of keywords that you select directly into Adwords to find out the approximate cost-per-click.

3. Google Webmaster Tools

Think of Webmaster Tools like having a personal coach with you informing you what your website is doing wrong. Everything from broken links to crawl errors can be tracked using Webmaster Tools. An entire suite of tools and analytics is available to help you keep your website running smoothly while maximizing your SEO results.

4. Google Page Speed

Know what happens when your website is too slow? Your website visitors go elsewhere to find what you could not offer with your slow website. Google Page Speed defines the reasons why your website is too slow and shows you how to fix the problem. Compressed images, incorrect CSS and removal of redirects make a big difference in page speed.

5. Google Insights

Insights lets you into some of the secrets that Google knows about search volume, search trends and search patterns over a predetermined course of time. You can estimate seasonal trends, target demographics and select niche categories to get more insight into what web users are searching for online. Who doesn’t love Google!

6. Google Places

Every business with a physical presence should get listed on Google Places. Part of branding your website online is making user searches easier. Google Places allows uploads of photos and business information that is very useful to someone researching products or services that you can provide.

7. Google Analytics

You can monitor every detail about the traffic that comes to your website using Google Analytics. The data will probably surprise you at first because it is in-depth and very useful. If you want to know what SEO is working and what is not, the data from Google Analytics tells you exactly what you need to know. You will learn everything about user visits, tracking sales conversions, why users click out of your website and more.

8. Google+

Google+ is social media platform that allows you to connect with people around the world for networking, sharing information and building your online presence. If you have a Facebook and Twitter account, you need to have a Google+ account. Branding yourself online is easy with Google+ and one of the easiest ways to get high PR backlinks for your website.

9. DoubleClick Ad Planner

Want to know what your competitors are using against you? Ad Planner by Google is all that you need. You can search competitor websites, you can get access to page views, you can read statistics to help you reverse engineer your competition to send some of their traffic to your website. Keyword intelligence is very crucial to your SEO success.

10. Google Trends

Finding a niche is not always easy especially when there are millions of Internet marketers doing the same thing. Google Trends gives you a heads up over your competition by letting you in on the most trending topics each day. You can use the trend data to find a niche and develop your products or services around a hot trend before the rest of the world finds out about it.

I hope this list helps you expand your SEO success. You can stop fearing your competition and start making your competition fear you!

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