Especially after Google’s latest updates, increasing user engagement has gained more importance to be able to make your website rank high on Google. Consequently, many businesses have started to look for a way to figure out their customers’ online behavior. In fact, to increase user engagement, first, you need to understand who exactly your customers are and know how they use your website.

While some businesses are still trying to figure out how to beat the latest Google updates, some others have already started to use ClickTale to let them do the job. ClickTale is the leading company in customer experience analytics and helps businesses gain insights about their customers’ online behaviors. Thousands of businesses rely on ClickTale to maximize the performance, usability and conversion rates of their websites.

They allow you to track every mouse move of your website visitors, create videos of browsing sessions and provide behavioral reports. By knowing how your visitors use your website, you can better target specific segments, improve user engagement and increase conversion rates.

Why Choose ClickTale over Similar Service Providers?

Unique features

With the help of its unique features, ClickTale provides exceptional services including the all-round optimization suite that is the combination of visual heatmaps and video recordings. You can either track an individual visitor or aggregate hundreds of browsing sessions.

An Easy setup

The setup process takes just a couple of minutes. Since ClickTale is a hosted service, there is no software installation needed. What you need to do is just to copy and paste a javascript code onto your website.

Real-time reporting

You can make important improvements and test changes instantly, without the need for waiting weeks to get results.

In-page web analytics

ClickTale provides you with insights into your visitors’ online experience from beginning to end and provides information about your visitors’ movements inside a page.

The Superior Difference from Conventional Web Analytics

As you may know, conventional web analytics monitors visitor movements only across pages. However, ClickTale focuses on visitor movements inside the web pages. If you think that you just need to collect quantitative information, the information that conventional web analytics give you may be enough for you. However, if you realize the importance of tracking your visitors’ movements inside your pages, you need to take advantage of ClickTale.

As opposed the conventional web analytics, ClickTale follows the visitors’ interactions inside your web pages and records every mouse movements and clicks. ClickTale playable videos, visual heatmaps and behavioral reports tell you everything your website visitors do during their browsing. Therefore, you can get a more thorough understanding about your visitors’ behavior on your pages and can take action accordingly to improve user engagement in the weak parts of your website.

An Impressive Success Story, one of the top entertainment websites in UK, realized that their visitors would use the pages of the site to find the information they needed but then leave without converting. They knew that they were losing lots of sales but couldn’t find out the reasons of the problem with the conventional web analytics.

Then, Skiddle decided to take advantage of the information ClickTale provides and wanted to find out exactly what was preventing their visitors from converting. They started using the behavioral analytics suite in order to optimize the entire browsing experience of their customers. The information they collected was extremely insightful and enabled them to increase their conversions 345% in just 4 weeks.

Currently, over 70.000 online brands are actively using ClickTale , and this is just one of the hundreds of impressive success stories. On their blog, the ClickTale team claims that the tools that enabled Skiddle to achieve this success are available even in their free plan.

I suggest you visit now and sign up today to see immediate improvements in the usability of your website, customer engagement and conversion rates.

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