Directory of Ezines Review

If you have decided to advertise in ezines and are looking for a tool or guidance to simplify the process and eliminate the guess work, you are in the right place. In this article, you will be introduced to one of the best ezine marketing programs, called the Directory of Ezines. This program was created by Charlie Page and has been available for over 13 years. The core objective of the program is to help internet marketers succeed in ezine marketing by providing the necessary training, tools and resources.If you are not familiar with ezines, they are electronic magazines or online newsletters that are delivered to subscribers via email or in the form of a website.

They can be in any niche you can imagine, like bodybuilding, homeschooling or relationship. Ezine marketing is an effective way to increase your web site traffic and sales because ezines are sent to highly targeted people.The Directory of Ezines provides the information of ezine niches, circulations, publishers and advertising rates and options. Also, it shows you exactly what you need to do to get the most out of ezine marketing. When you sign up for the Directory of Ezines, you will be taught how to:- create a strategy to build an article marketing campaign

– show your ads to thousands of people for an incredibly low price
– find the most targeted ezines for your niche
– maximize exposure by submitting articles
– find Joint Ventures who can mail for you

All of which are some pretty killer strategies.

The benefits of using Directory of Ezines for your ezine marketing strategies are huge. One of the crucial benefits is that the most targeted ezines will be revealed to you, so you can submit your articles and can use those ezines to display your advertisements. Determining appropriately targeted advertisement channels requires lots of testing, budget and expertise. But with the help of Directory of Ezines, you don’t need to do any of these to start submitting and advertising.

Another benefit you will get in return for your membership is that Charlie Page gives his members truly unique support and bonuses. The biggest bonus is that Charlie Page makes himself available to answer your questions in live webinars or private questions answered via email. Therefore, you get the opportunity of working directly with Charlie Page.

Some of the bonuses you get from Directory of Ezines are listed below:

– Ad writing with no charge
– Displaying your ads on Charlie Page’s personal websites permanently
– An on phone follow up meeting with Charlie Page
– Teleseminars and webinars about ezine and article marketing
– Membership to websites with no charge
– Books to help you learn more about Clickbank
– A marketing dictionary written by Charlie Page
– A complete e-course about resale rights
– Member questions along with Charlie Page’s answers
– Promoting your offer with Charlie Page’s Twitter
– Linking to your site from the Directory of Ezines
– Unlimited number of ads on the Directory of Ezines free classified pages

If you want to advertise on ezines and to build a list of subscribers, you should take advantage of the support, training and guidance given by Directory of Ezines. This is one of the best services for ezine marketing, and its benefits and rewards for the members are almost endless. To get your membership, visit now, but don’t forget to grab Charlie Page’s free eBook first.

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