Does YouTube Pay You for Your Videos?

There are many ways to make money online. There are blogs, Adsense, affiliate programs and selling products or services. A question that we get a lot is “Does YouTube pay you for your videos?” We answer, yes absolutely! YouTube created a partner program to allow qualified video creators a way to earn revenue from their uploaded videos. This means that you are not just promoting your videos on YouTube to get more views. You can actually start earning money while you are advertising your products or services. YouTube receives millions of visitors each month so getting videos out there to make money should be your number one priority.

How to Setup a YouTube Partner Account

You will need to have an existing YouTube account. If you have not done so yet, you must create a user account before you can become a partner. After your account is created, you can begin the process of a partner validation request.

You must have at least 1 video created and uploaded to YouTube. The video must meet the quality standards and community standards before it can be considered. I have found that the easiest way to bypass the strict guidelines is to create a “talking head” video. This means just you, or someone that you hire, sitting in front of a camera and making a short 30-second to 1 minute video. YouTube changed its terms of service in 2012 to NOT consider videos for partner programs that contain any of the following:

• Unlicensed background music, live musical performances or popular songs

• Unlicensed clips of movies and photos, video game clips or other people’s video clips

• Any videos that do not give proper credit for licensed uses of content

This means that your account might not get approved if you cannot prove in writing that you own everything in your videos that you upload. If you pay someone on Fiverr or make a video with free software, be prepared to prove that you own the copyright for everything in the video or any of the used content is considered royalty free. It helps to put links in your video descriptions to the terms of service or license for all of your photos, music, video clips and other materials used. YouTube WILL verify this information before any video is approved for its partner program.

How to Make Money with YouTube Videos

When your partner account request is approved, you will need to link it to a Google Adsense account. Ads that are pre-rolled over the top of your videos will be tracked by an Adsense account. This ensures that one person does not violate the terms of the partner agreement by clicking on his or her video ads 1,000,000 times. Go to Google’s Adsense page and create a free Adsense account. It will automatically sync with your YouTube account when you enable it in the YouTube partner settings section. You will now be ready to start making money from your online videos just like the Internet marketing experts. You will not have to sit and wonder does YouTube pay you for your videos. You will be making money on a daily basis instead.


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