Empower Network Bonuses

Empower Network Bonuses

Empower Network Bonuses | Bonuses for Empower Network


Tired of guru’s bragging about how much money they make? You only need the same resources and you could make guru money.

We’ve put together our bonuses for the Empower Network to give back to our website visitors that become Empower Network members through our website link. When you order through our website, all you have to do is show proof of your order to us and we’ll give you access to the awesome bonuses we’ve put together. We take care of our friends here.

The great thing about our bonuses is that they are designed to compliment the Empower Network tools. This is our personal stash of information that we’ve established to help you grow your online business. When you start making money using the Empower Network, we’ll help you kick the earnings into overdrive using the traffic building and monetization strategies we’ll give you.

We’re different because we want you to make money. We don’t take your money first and then send you out to hope for the best. We introduce you to proven strategies and programs that we know can help you earn serious income online. Our bonuses are the boost that you can use when you implement Empower Network strategies online.

It’s amazing what we’ve put together for you for free. Take a look at this:

$4,294 in FREE Bonuses … Seriously!

1. Confessions of the $15,000,000 Traffic Man

You’ll get a special webinar interview with an online marketer (one of the founders of MarketersBlackBook.com) who is a traffic genius. He took an idea and in under 4 years turned it into over $15 million in sales. In fact, his first year he did over $2.8 million in sales! We grill him on his hardest hitting traffic tactics. THIS ISN’T AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE!

Here’s what a few people say about him:

• Ron LeGrand Testimonial

• Jay Conner Testimonial

• Debbie Waters Testimonial

• Julie Morton Testimonial

• Lee Phillips Testimonial

(Value: $1,000)

2. The Secret to Autopilot Book Creation Without Writing a Single Word!

You’ll get our #1 secret to having high quality content for books, articles, special reports, even entire products done for you for pennies per word. Imagine having an entire book ready and waiting for you in a couple days … without you lifting a finger!

(Value: $297)

3. Recordings of the “Standing Room Only” Ocean Front Internet Intensive

Last March on the sandy Florida beaches, we held a private “underground” event that grew to over 100 people. (We only were expecting 40) The event was literally wall-to-wall and standing room only. There we shared some of our hardest hitting strategies on online business growth. We were even paid a visit by one of the most legendary information marketers in business … considered “The Godfather” who gave his blessing on our event.

In these videos you’ll learn our trade secrets of traffic (from a man who helped launch Microsoft Adcenter and another who dominates his very competitive industry) As well as competitive intelligence, video marketing, Kindle publishing, local marketing and much more… Here’s what some of the attendees had to say …

Dr. Michelle Testimonial

Bonnie & Richard Morrison Testimonial

Puff Darling Testimonial 

Spencer Sadler Testimonial

(Value: $497)

4. Two Tickets to our LIVE Internet Intensive

We’re holding a followup to our last live session by popular demand. We don’t often speak, we stay underground, but our audience insisted we do another. We’ll be delivering tested and proven online business strategies to get you to the next level. Our last session sold out completely and we had to turn people away … there just wasn’t’ enough room. If you want a guaranteed seat to this event, here’s how you get it. Others will pay $,1500 to attend, you get in free when you become a member of Empower Network.

(Value: $1,500)

5. One 30 Minute Coaching Session With Any One of the Founding Members of the MarketersBlackBook.com team

We’re experienced professionals who can help you expand your business and take it to the next level. Our team consists of …

Option #1: The $15,000,000 traffic man who turned an idea into an empire in just 4 years online dominating one of the most competitive niches on the Internet.

Option #2: Award Winning Copywriter responsible for several back-to-back 7-figure product launches and millions of dollars in sales.

Option #3: A paid traffic expert, formally a search engine insider, and one of the first 6 Analysts to launch the Microsoft AdCenter platform  He’s considered among the “Navy Seals” of pay-per-click marketing.

Option #4: Social media expert who has the number one ranked “Google Plus Marketing” book on Amazon.com.

(Value: $1,000)

That’s over $4,294 in value all for free just for using our MBB affiliate link to become an Empower Network member. Enhance your online earnings as a business owner, Internet marketer or stay-at-home worker using our free bonuses.


We ask that you do these three things to get the bonuses:

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1. Delete the cookies stored in your Internet browser.

2. Use the link we give you to go right to the Empower Network order page and GET STARTED AS AN EMPOWER NETWORK MEMBER!

3. Send your verifiable receipt of purchase for the Empower Network membership to: support@marketersblackbook.com


We send you access to our free bonuses as soon as you contact us and show proof of your receipt. We trust you.

The cool thing about what we offer is that it works as a companion to the Empower Network formula for building traffic and income online.

You can’t go wrong with having thousands of dollars in free bonuses that are not shared elsewhere on the Internet.

If you’re not familiar with what we do here at www.MarketersBlackBook.com, you should know that we help business owners as well as website owners equally become masters at making money on the Internet. We do it legitimately. No gurus here.

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