Brian Hanson

Search Engine Marketing Expert/Serial Entrepreneur

Brian is an internet marketing expert and serial entrepreneur. He built his first website at age 21 and turned it into a multi-million dollar empire by age 29. Brian turned a $1,500 investment into 5.5+ Million in annual sales. Brian currently owns over 300 niche websites.


Francis Ablola

Internet Marketing Expert/Copywriter

Francis is one of the Nation’s top copywriters and a Marketing Strategist. “Hired Gun” that helped to create tens of thousands of new leads, and over $7 Million in revenue for clients in the last three years. Francis was named Copywriter of the Year for 2010.


Bernard Ablola

Internet Marketing Expert/Serial Entrepreneur

Bernard helped launch Microsoft’s adCenter, managing over $20 Million in advertising spending for Fortune 1000 clients. He knows what people search for, when they search and how to leverage this information for your business.


Ryan Bush

Internet Marketing Expert/Investor

Ryan is an internet marketing expert and real estate investor. He started marketing and investing at the age of 26. Ryan personally managed one of the top real estate businesses in the country.