Finding High-Quality Content Writers

In the new age of Google, content is king. Since the release of the Panda algorithm in February 2011, website owners have found an increasing need to generate high-quality content to maintain their organic traffic. Coupled with other marketing methods, such as Facebook and Twitter management, this methodology has created a need for well-written content at a price that allows for a strong return on investment.

There are a number of good resources for content production. The most important factor to consider in choosing between them is the needs of the readers.

Internal Company Writers

Medium to Larger companies probably already have a few strong writers on staff. These employees will often welcome the opportunity for a little extra income. As a member of the industry, they will likely have more insider information and credibility than third party content.

However, search engines place a priority on spelling and grammar. Non-professional writers may be talented but not have the refined grammatical skills of a long-time content developer.


The online copy industry is mostly made of freelance writers. A peak at local craigslist services will show plenty of writers happy to produce premium content at a fair price. Administrators will benefit from the price savings of avoiding an intermediary.

This intermediary is not without benefit. Freelancers often fail to maintain quality control standards. They may have a rate of spelling and grammatical errors similar to that of internal employees. Moreover, the independent contractor is often unreliable. Regular updates can become difficult in the face of a non-committed business partners.

Third-Party Content Brokerages

Most of the content produced by contractors is purchased through a brokerage. These companies provide content at a marked up rate, typically 30 to 50 percent. Along with this increasing in pricing, however, comes a range of benefits. These companies tend to have excellent plagiarism checks, an essential part of generating unique content. They also have professional copyeditors to ensure top-level quality.

These companies can be expensive. It is important to shop around and find the best price for premium content. Companies with a transparent fee structure are the most desirable, as customers tend to get the writing quality equivalent with their price. Our favorite company to buy content from is They have top notch writers at fair prices.

Selecting the Best

Traditional reasoning works well when selecting a freelancer or writing service. Individuals should have a good resume and a strong portfolio. Websites they have produced content for should have good rankings for the targeted keywords. Alexa ranking information can help to identify whether these writers are effective or not.

Companies need to be established and reputable. A transparent fee structure, good rating with the BBB and a reasonably long history of content development is best. These companies will likely provide the highest-quality content at the fairest price.

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