How to build a Mobile App for Free

You might have heard about mobile applications or apps as they are known to mobile users. You might even be thinking to yourself why your business would need an app if you already have a website. What you may be unaware of is the growing number of Internet users that depend on mobile phones for more than just conversations.

The Importance of Mobile Apps for Your Business

Mobile apps are big business. We’re talking almost a 20 billion dollar a year business. It would be hard to find a business
owner that would not want to have a piece of the mobile app moolah that flows into popular app stores. The difference
between your website and an app is simple to understand. Apps are a tool to drive traffic to your website by keeping in
touch with your clients or customers without waiting for them to visit your website first. Don’t be afraid of an app. It won’t bite you.

Ways you can use an app:

  • Deliver Discounts
  • Build a Game for Your Niche
  • Distribute Your Video or Blog Posts
  • Brand Your Company
  • Receive Payments for Products or Services
  • Provide Customer Service

These examples are just some of the ways that you can use mobile apps to expand your business. Once you determine how you will use an app, you can select the online platform that will help you built it.

The Best Free Mobile App Builders

Conduit Mobile
Conduit Mobile provides the fastest way to design and build your mobile app in minutes. You can easily create a mobile
extension of your business and website. From blog posts to custom pages, Conduit Mobile helps you reach mobile users


AppMakr takes the hard work and expense out of creating a customized app. It is easy to upload an app logo of your
choice to brand your business to your created app. Simply plug in your favorite RSS feeds and they are instantly delivered by your app.

Apps Builder
It is easy to create your app in under a minute. No sign up is needed and your app is fully customized from your web
browser. You can include your favorite photos, colors, Adsense banners and even SEO keywords.

The ease of use of AppsBar makes it simple for anyone to build an app quickly regardless of technical skill. Easy online
steps show you how to create an app quickly and upload photos, wallpaper or customized content from your PC.

Apps can be created, edited and published within minutes with Mobincube. An easy to use GUI makes uploading photos or content easy for effortless inclusion in your app. Templates are available that can be customized to fit your needs.

Distributing Your Mobile App

The free mobile app builders listed above are all compatible with popular smartphones and mobile Internet connected
devices. Each app builder has its own distribution options to help get your app into the mobile phones of your customers
and clients to take advantage of the booming mobile user industry.

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