How to Buy a Website Already Making Money

There are plenty of ways to make legitimate money online. Instead of starting your own website, it might be easier to buy one already established. Doing this can open up your opportunities in a niche or industry you know little about. There is a process to learning how to buy a website already making money. We’ll show you how to do it to keep your costs low and the profits high. Some people find that the investment it takes to start your own website can be more expensive than buying one ready to go.

How to Research Before You Buy 

It might be tempting to jump in and pay whatever price someone is asking for a website, but please restrain yourself until you have all the facts you need. A website is more than a domain name, web hosting and reported sales that are made. The SEO world is confusing and ever-changing. Before you buy a website, it’s helpful to check a couple of popular resources online to help you. These websites provide the overall site structure in the eyes of Google, Yahoo and Bing (the big 3) where you’ll be trying to rank.

1. SEM Rush

What to know what a website owner won’t tell you? You can use SEM Rush to find out. This helpful tool can inform you of what type of ads are used to promote a site, what keywords are ranked in search engines, what are the recommended keywords and how a site stacks up against all competitors. This valuable information can help you decide if a website is worth your time and investment. Never take a website owner’s word. Do your own research!

2. Magestic SEO

Backlinks are important to website rankings in search engines. The Magestic SEO tool can help you define how many backlinks a website has and how many sites are linking into a site you’re interested in buying. This data is extremely useful when you’re trying to determine the future work involved in ranking the site after you takeover. Established sites do take work to help keep the customer base fresh and the money rolling in each day. Let Magestic SEO help you keep track of keyword and backlinks performance.

How to Check the History of a Website

It can be helpful to do a quick search before you actually buy and take a look at what a website used to be. Many websites are bought and sold. What a site appears to be today might not be what it used to be. You could find that the domain used to point to something unfavorable or content was used in an inappropriate way. You can use a couple of sources to help you score the perfect website.

1. WayBack Machine

This tool provides a virtual snapshot of a website through the years. You can go back as far as you can to help you identify the history of any website that is logged in these data archives. This is useful stuff.

2.  Copyscape

Copied content never works well for any website. You could buy an existing site and find out that it is sand boxed or on the naughty list for Google, Yahoo or Bing. A Copyscape search will inform you if a website uses copied or plagiarized content online. This is worth the small  price charged for this service.

Where to Buy Existing Websites Online

Taking interest in an existing website is only the first part. You’ve done your research up to this point. What you need now is to snag a site for the right price. There are plenty of resources online that can help you. Most websites are bought and sold in online auctions. A buyer lists a website for a specific price or allows the price to be bid upon. You can get good deals by taking part in auction-based website sales to buy a money making website.

1. Flippa
2. Digital Point
3. Site Point
4. Craigslist
5. eBay
6. Flip Filter
7. Sitepaw
8. Website Broker
9. Deal-a-Site
10. Blarket

Use this information wisely to research, confirm and buy a website already making money to help build your online income.






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