How to Get More Subcribers On YouTube

We are asked repeatedly at conferences, by phone and by email about how to get more subscribers on YouTube. Since we are YouTube¬†aficionados, we are always on the lookout for bigger and better ways to grow YouTube traffic. The trusted way to get more traffic has been used and abused to death online. “All you have to do is create great videos,” most people write on their blogs. We agree that a great video is important, but sometimes it’s just not enough to get the real traffic that you are after. Creating great videos does take work and we can be a bit lazy sometimes.

For the lazy Internet marketer, we have found a cool new tool to grow your YouTube subscribers the autopilot way. You can use this tool to popularize your channel whether you are at home, on the beach or out shopping. This dandy little tool is called Tube Toolbox. We are more than ready to tell you how you can get a million new subscribers, but we reached out to Phil, one of the creators of Tube Toolbox, to have him tell you how you can use Tube Toolbox to your advantage.

Take it away, Phil!

1. What is Tube Toolbox and When Did You Create It?

Tube Toolbox is software that automates the tasks which people usually do by hand on YouTube. This includes adding contacts, sending messages, sharing videos and posting comments. It also has some great built-in tools to ensure that you target people who are within your demographic. It was created back in 2007 as a way to set your computer on “auto-pilot” spending less time marketing your videos and more time making them.

2. Is Tube Toolbox Easy for Beginners to Use?

We’d like to think so. There are ‘Getting Started’ documents and videos to help people out. Once you get the basic idea that Tube Toolbox is broken into 2 pieces, (gathering targeted users and contacting those users) you can keep it simple or use our more advanced features as you learn how to use the product.

3. What is the Most Loved Feature by Subscribers of Tube Toolbox?

I’m not sure if you’d call it a “feature” but people love that our software stays within YouTube’s Terms Of Service. People spend hundreds of hours on their videos and don’t want to use automation software that can cause their account to get banned from YouTube. That’s why they come to us.

4. Does Tube Toolbox Work Fast or Does it Require Running Overnight?

Tube Toolbox is not a “lose 20 pounds in 48 hours!!!” kind of product. We are the “eat healthy and exercise” type of product. We’re in it for the long run and people have been using our product everyday for years. The great part is that you can see instant results – even after the first day so you know it’s working.

5. What is a Realistic Number of New Subscribers That Someone Can Get Using Tube Toolbox?

That really depends on how good your videos are. If you are a musician with original content, I think you should be able to pick up hundreds each month or even each week if people really like your stuff. With Tube Toolbox, we get your message out, but it’s up to the recipient if they like your stuff and want to subscribe. (on a related note, we DON’T sell subscribers or views or any other artificial inflation).

6. Will Tube Toolbox Work With Future Upgrades to the YouTube Platform?

Yes, we’ve been upgrading it daily for 5 years now. Read this.

7. Can Subscribers Place Affiliate Links in the Bulk Subscriber Requests Sent Out by Tube Toolbox?

Subscriber requests were taken out of YouTube completely actually. But you can place affiliate links in messages that you send to other users. Note that links are not hyperlinked in the user’s inbox so they would have to copy and paste the link into a browser URL. If you place an affiliate URL in a video’s description, then that link is hyperlinked and the user can click on it. These descriptions show up when your attach a video to a message or when you share a video.

8. Is it Safe to Use Tube Toolbox Even with the Delay Settings for Friend Requests?

Yes, we follow YouTube’s rules and have never had a complaint from YouTube. Your account is safe with us. Keep in mind that all we do is automate what you would have normally done.

Marketer’s Black Book Tip:

The “Lifetime” membership is a real bargain. You get access to the program for life and you can easily make back the meager price with one successful video. Whether you are creating traffic for a single video or 2 million, it’s still the same price. What a steal!

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