How to Get Movie and TV Stars To Help Your Promote Your Product

Companies which use TV and movie stars to market their products have a step up on getting the attention of viewers. Attention is the first important phase of the AIDA formula for advertising, which stands for attention, interest, desire and action, according to marketing expert Dave Dolak. People may also relate and respect these stars. And some may even listen to them if they use the product, thinking, “If it’s good enough for the celebrity, it’s good enough for me.” Hence, celebrities can provide you with instant credibility. They can also easily gain the consumers’ interest and desire for your product. Then it’s just a matter of telling people where they can buy the products.

You best bet in using TV or movie stars to promote your products is finding one that best represents your target audience. For example, use an older celebrity to market medical insurance for retired workers. Find a young, glamorous model in which young women can relate to sell makeup, lipstick or fashionable apparel. An additional objective is determining what you want from the TV or movie celebrity: A picture of her using the product for a magazine ad or direct mail campaign, or a video and testimonial for an Internet, TV or radio promotion.

You are now ready to begin your search for the right celebrity. Keep in mind that no celebrity is too far-fetched for your promotional campaign. Only 1 percent of all actors and actresses fully support themselves just from TV and movie appearances, according to marketing expert Gary Halbert. Therefore, the fees are definitely negotiable. Start your celebrity search by purchasing a copy of the “Academy Players Directory,” which is available at: Pickford Center for Motion Picture Study, 1313 N. Vine St., Los Angeles, California 90028. Contact the publisher at, or directly at 310- 247-3058 to get the latest price. You can also access their website at: http://www.

The “Academy Players Directory” lists names and addresses of celebrities and their agents. Find several stars you may want to use for your promotional. Contact several in case your favorite one is unavailable. Compose a letter. Address the agent directly. Tell the agent you would like to use the celebrity to market one of your products. Briefly mention the product and why you think the celebrity would be a good choice to promote it. In the second paragraph, discuss the budget for your project. Give the agent a particular price range in which you would like to operate. Add a third paragraph discussing the project deadline. Make sure you include at least one sentence as to when you’d like to hear back from the agent. Include your name, phone number and email address in the letter, too.

Once you have secured the TV or movie star, tell the agent the exact day and time you need them. Ask if the celebrity needs any special arrangements, such as a limo from the airport, special meals or other accommodations. You may need to film your piece at a celebrity product showroom in California, New York or some other venue. This brings up another possible source for your TV and movies stars. will allow you to contact them about using celebrities to promote products. Just send them an email with a link to your product information and website, along with your name and phone number.

Several other sources for obtaining TV and movie stars to sell your products include Paramount Entertainment, Splash Celebrity Promotions and PM Production. Just do a search for each of these companies through Google, Yahoo or Lycos. PM Productions primarily finds celebrities for Internet product promotions.

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