How To Use an Opt in Form in AdWords

Is the squeeze page dead? The answer is that it could be a thing of the past soon. Google rolled out a new AdWords feature in January and beta tested in for 90 days. The new feature is an opt in form to use with AdWords campaigns. This is a major breakthrough for Internet marketers that spend a lot of time and sometimes money sending traffic to a squeeze page. Running AdWords campaigns using the opt in form can create a ton of traffic right from Google. If you are wondering how to use an opt in form for AdWords, you’re in luck because it may be rolled out very soon in your AdWords account. You can be ahead of the game.

How to Use an Opt in Form in AdWords 

Setting up an AdWords campaign is really easy. If you’re not using this as a marketing too yet, you are likely missing out on a lot of targeted traffic. AdWords is not simply a banner advertising program. You are in complete control over how your ad is displayed, what it includes and what happens when someone clicks on it. You can enable the opt in form right inside of your AdWords account by choosing to display “Ad Extensions” with your advertising campaign.

Your opt in form can be targeted to a certain demographic, keyword phrase, location or other parameter that you setup in your account. You can use the opt in form to capture any type of lead that you want. If you have a niche website, you can run the opt in extension with your ads as a direct response for niche keywords. Phrases that bring up searches for weight loss, how to quit smoking and fitness are great ways to get your opt in form to display.

Grab Millions of Gmail Users Easily

Google does a lot of surprising things. Some things that are frustrating and some things that are really helpful. The opt in form has a special feature that will allow you to capture email addresses without convincing someone to fill out the form. If a web user is signed in to their Gmail account, Google with automatically enter their email address into any opt in form ad that is displayed in the search results. The web user will be presented with a button to click to subscribe to your email list or newsletter. How easy is that?

What to Do Until the Opt in Form is Permanent

The traditional way of targeting web users with AdWords is still functional. Sending visitors to a landing page that collects emails with an AWeber form or other compatible form has always been a good strategy. Until Google makes the opt in form inside of AdWords public, you can run alternate ads inside of AdWords and then roll out the new opt in campaign at a later time. The great thing about Adwords is that it is cheap to use. In fact, if you are not using AdWords we’ll give you a link to a free $50 or $100 advertising credit just for trying it out. Marketer’s Black Book has your back.


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