How To Write Emails That Sell

If your hands sweat and heart pounds when you start to write email sales letters, you are not the only person that feels that way. Just like speaking in public, many people fear communication and struggle with finding the words that will make an impact. You might have mastered writing email subject lines, but writing the actual body of your letter is what will earn you money. There are proven tips that you can use to start writing emails that sell your products and services. This can stop you from getting sweat on your keyboard.

Mastering the following tips can improve your email marketing campaigns:

Always Address Readers by Name

Starting your email with “Dear Friend” or “Dear Subscriber” is an email crime punishable by deletion. Every email provider on the face of the earth requires a first and a last name field when creating an account. Email programs like Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird and bulk email software allow for customization of the greeting line. Configuring the greeting line in the preferences of your email program allows you to address your reader by his or her first name.

Get Right to a Problem

You will notice that I said problem and not point. Your email subject introduces the point of the email. What you need to get to is a problem that you can address. People that give away their email address in exchange for something generally have a problem that needs solved. The problem could be making more money, lack of information, things to avoid and so on. By presenting a solvable problem in the opening of your email, you instantly connect with your reader. If you do this right, you will avoid a one-way ticket to Spamville.

Offer Your Solution to a Problem

If you want readers to take your email seriously, you have to be serious and follow through with a solution. A big mistake is taking too long to provide your solution. Filling in all of the white space of your email with stories of your successes does not solve reader problems. There is a time and place for being an egomaniac. Offer your ebook, courses, program or services as a solution to a problem you can solve. It is always favorable to keep your paragraphs to a minimum. This allows easy scanning when a so-called busy person has little time to read your email.

One Theme Only Please

One of the biggest mistakes in writing sales emails is offering too much in one email. Getting off topic or combing topics is too much to digest for the average reader. Get to the point and stick to it. This method achieves two things. The first thing is that it keeps your reader focused on one topic. It is easy to skip over something when you are trying to offer too much. The second thing is that it leaves room for future emails. Successful Internet marketers never give away every secret, tool, tip or product in the first email. It would not create a reason to send future emails.

Tell Readers How to Respond to Your Email

Not every email reader knows how to respond to a request. Simply instructing a reader to go to your website is not enough. Directing them to click on a link, download a product, complete a purchase or enter a discount code for huge savings gives direction. Readers need direction and respond well to a specific call to action. Be clear in your communication and you will get responses that turn into sales conversions.

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