If You Build It, Traffic Will Come

Having a website is just one part of branding and introducing products, ideas or services to the world. Enhancing your website with a blog is one of the ways that you can build a daily source of traffic. The early days of blogging online offered more journalistic approaches on underground topics and many blogs were not mainstream websites. The SEO wars over the last 5 years have put more of an emphasis on creating and monetizing a blog to swipe more web traffic from competing websites. Why are blogs so popular?

Q: Do web users want to visit a website that is never updated?
Q: Do people like getting instant answers to a question?

Good blogs will always find a source of consistent traffic with little effort. Great blogs get nearly overwhelmed with traffic and can become household names. It makes smart business sense to have a blog installed alongside your website to give web users the ultimate browsing experience. When used correctly online, a blog is a complete traffic generating machine that can supply you with daily visitors interested in the content that you post or the products or services that you provide.

Super Fast Blog Building 101

WordPress and Blogger offer hosted blogs on public web servers that anyone can create. These are fine for soccer moms or teachers that want to connect with their personal networks of followers. If you are setting up a blog for your company, hosting and managing your own blog from your own web server gives you more flexibility. WordPress.org provides you with the source files that you need to install a blog correctly. You can download the latest version of WordPress and install it quickly on your web server. If you don’t want to install it yourself, hire someone on Fiverr to do it for you for $5. A blog is easy to install, easy to configure and even easier to get more web user traffic.

Writing Daily Blog Posts 

The vast majority of web users that visit web blogs do so because of the content that is distributed on a regular basis. The quality of your blog will always depend on the quality of your blog posts. Writing posts that include themes related to your blog are always preferred. There are millions of sources online for the latest news. What you need to focus on is something unique to your industry, products, ideas or services. When you give people what they want, they come back for more and more often. Writing daily blog posts is one of the fastest ways to get immediate traffic to your blog.

Including Photos or Videos

You can amaze blog readers with your written words, but creating visual excitement with photos and videos offers so much more. Relevant photos are a great way to attract reader attention to your blog and often are the first thing that someone notices before reading your blog posts. Great photos are easy to find. You can pick them up here or right here for absolutely no cost. One of the great ways to build blog traffic is to use original videos. If you don’t have videos of your own yet, you can share videos from YouTube, Vimeo or other websites very easy using WordPress. What you do to dress up each blog post will make it even more memorable and make your blog visitors very, very happy – hopefully.

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