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Scott graduated from the prestigious Carnegie Institute of Technology at Carnegie Mellon University where he earned a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Engineering as well as a B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering. Scott was actively involved in the CMU Robotics Club, and his love for artificial intelligence plays a key role in the SEO Engine’s competitive advantage. In 2000, he was one of the few people who built proven, scalable products that powered the first generation of location-based services in Asia, Europe, and the U.S. He is an accomplished musician, pilot, and skydiver. Interview
Successful Internet marketing takes time to produce results. A big hurdle for both new and experienced Internet marketers is finding out for sure what works and what does not. Some websites seem to jump directly to the number one position in Google, Yahoo or Bing with no traceable reason as to why. Powerful new tools like are changing the way that Internet marketers can trace what changes work best and what elements hurt website positioning in search engines.

Organic SEO Tools That Affect Search Engine Indexing

The tools used in search engine optimization are used to attract popular search engines to crawl your website. All text that is added to your website has the opportunity to be indexed and positioned for display to Internet users searching for information. Multiple SEO strategies for increasing the positioning that your website receives can be attempted on a trial and error basis. While many organic SEO tools are effective, knowing how these tools affect search engines is important to understand.

• Unique Website Content

The age of your content is a factor for determining how useful your content is in the eyes of search engines. Leaving your indexed content out there to die a slow death is a fast way to lose valuable positioning. Updated blog posts, articles, press releases and curated content are strategies that help build success.

• Website Header, Footer and Sidebars

The empty space that exists on your website can hurt you. All of the available white space should be used up on every website page. Powerful keywords and original content should be included in your header, footer and right and left sidebars to attract popular search engines to index your website.

• Meta Tags

The ease of use of content management systems like Drupal, Joomla and WordPress make it easy to forget about manually editing your HTML meta tags. It is important for SEO to have properly written descriptions and keywords in your meta tags for every page on your website.

• Popular Keywords

Keywords are arguably the most important textual content that you can have on your website. Keyword popularity comes and goes. Staying in touch with what is hot will make your website even hotter to users searching for the keywords you use.

• Backlinks

Who’s linking to you is important to know. Growing a network of backlinks is on the mind of every Internet marketer. Picking and choosing your backlinks is one way to increase page rank in search engines.

• Page Titles

The title of every website page should be unique and relevant to the content. Page naming is not new, but page naming for SEO is becoming popular. Names like products.html are out while names like this-is-the-information-you-want.html are taking over.

• Sitemaps

The use of a sitemap is always hotly debated. If you are not yet indexed in search results, a sitemap can help get you there faster. An existing site may or may not benefit from a sitemap although having one will never hurt you.

• Robots.txt

Creating an accurate Robots.txt file and placing it in your root directory will tell popular search engines when to arrive and what to index. Additional SEO tools are used in conjunction with this important file.

• Article Directories

The main goal of successful niche websites is to be the number one authority on specific information. Article directories categorize your articles for salivating search engine users to find high quality content that is full of your anchor links.

• Blogrolls

There are blogs dedicated to certain niche information that are valuable for backlinks. Adding your site to the highest ranking blogrolls helps increase user traffic.

• Syndicated News with Original Content

The same news spread across millions of websites is hardly news anymore. Adding original content to this news assures search engines index your website for providing fresh information.

• Exact Match URL

Internet marketers that use a popular keyword for a URL and then purchase the domain name often notice increases in web traffic. Popular search engines appreciate unique and exact match URLs.

Trying one or more of these tools is normally the route that every Internet marketer takes to fine tune the visibility that is achieved in search engines. What we as Internet marketers do not see is the criteria used to rank the effects of changes made by implementing SEO tools. It is natural to perform a manual search to discover where your website ranks. This search method, noticeable traffic increases and other graphical illustrations found in Google Webmaster Tools used to be the popular way to define the success achieved with your website. That is until was created.

How Improves Your Website Search Rankings

SEO tools that you use to put your website ahead of your competition in search engines need to have a reliable way to measure success. A simple change to your existing SEO methods can work for you or against you in search results. takes you inside of a search engine and explains how search engines think. For the first time, you can gain insight into what popular search engines know about your website. Powerful analytical tools show you instantly how your website stacks up against the rest of the Internet world as well as your biggest competitors.

This technique, known as reverse engineering, provides you with useful data about how your SEO tools are affecting the results that your website receives. A completely unique Webpage Scoresheet is provided, even for free accounts, that details the current SEO success of your website. This inside look gives you the real data that search engines do not give you about the strength of your Internet marketing campaign. takes the guesswork out of you thinking what works and shows you exactly what is working. Your Webpage Scoresheet puts the data the you have dreamed of having into your sweaty palms. Premium: Site Monitoring Reports

You are busy. We are busy. It takes a time commitment to see SEO results. The automated features of the site monitoring reports keep your SEO tools running smoothly. A detailed report of all of your website activity is sent from An in-depth look into your tracking data will show where slight changes have helped or hurt your current SEO marketing efforts. Instead of waiting for the next search engine algorithm update, you will be prepared in advance by knowing what is working right now and what is hurting your SEO performance. Premium: Pro Membership

The difference between a free account and a pro account is detailed data. A free report will alert you of the good or bad things that you are doing. A pro report goes deeper and provides all data about your content, links, backlinks and alerts that are fighting against your search engine positioning. The SEO Engine is a complete tool that is extremely useful to skyrocket search engine success. There is no more waiting for results or trying to estimate what a shift in strategy can bring. You will know what search engines see in your website and find out why success seems to appear overnight for your competitors.

Your SEO Engine Score: A or F

Finding out how you are really doing might be a shock to you. When you know what you are doing wrong, you can adjust your strategy to fix the problems. Achieving a high letter grade means that you are liked by search engines and little if any changes are required to your site. A lower grade will open your eyes to mistakes that you never knew you were making. SEO Engine gives you the hard truth about your SEO efficiency.

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