Is It Illegal To Buy or Sell Facebook Likes?

The explosion in popularity of the social networking website Facebook shows that not just teenagers like Facebook. Businesses and individuals are signing up and creating Facebook accounts to promote a variety of products and services within this social networking community. The addition of the fan page and “Like” button is one of the reasons that so many people are using this method of social marketing to increase exposure that can translate into more popularity for individuals and higher sales for businesses. A hot debate is whether it is illegal to buy or sell Facebook likes.

Can Someone Really Buy Facebook Likes?

People can and do buy Facebook likes to increase popularity and achieve a global following. The terms and conditions of owning a Facebook account excludes a section about buying likes to create popular pages. This makes the practice perfectly legal for an individual or business that creates a fan page to buy likes to build up a following. Liking someone or something on Facebook can quickly make the liked entity an overnight sensation when hundreds or thousands of Facebook friends join in and do the same. Creating these pages is a new way to advertise and market to people from around the globe.

Where to Buy or Sell Facebook Likes

Since there are no legal blockades to buy or sell Facebook likes, there are multiple companies that offer easy ways to make a purchase or unload likes for a price that is set. One such company known as makes the process effortless to buy or sell likes for Facebook. Everything that is for sale on Fiverr has a price of just $5 making it an affordable way to popularize Facebook fan pages. The creation of a Fiverr account and a PayPal account to fund all purchases are the only requirements. An individual or business can literally go from zero likes to thousands of likes overnight and just might become the next hottest thing on Facebook.

Buying or Selling Facebook Likes: Like It or Not

The debate on whether or not to buy or sell Facebook likes is ongoing. There are some people that claim that it is unethical or a bogus way to get exposure to real people. Fan page owners that buy and sell likes for Facebook know the power of this marketing method and use it to the fullest extent. The affordable cost of buying likes is much cheaper than other forms of advertising currently available. Each purchased like on Facebook could be a potential fan, friend, acquaintance or business customer. The ease of use and accessibility of social media marketing has created a proven method to reach people around the globe regardless if some people believe it is illegal to buy or sell Facebook likes.

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14 Responses to Is It Illegal To Buy or Sell Facebook Likes?

  1. I am considering the purchase of Likes for my Facebook page. I am concerned about getting banned by Facebook for too many Likes in a short period of time. Will 200 Likes in 3 days cause my fan page to be banned by Facebook?

  2. @ David
    Dont do it! If you get caught your site’s reputation will plummet.

  3. Your Facebook Page will not get banned for too many likes in a short amount of time.

  4. @David – It’s very unlikely that you will have any problems buying likes. The process is natural and not instantaneous and the likes are from real people with real accounts.

  5. I’m tired of seeing that i supposedly like all these pages ive never heard of and winder how someone can gain access to my acct to make it look like i did! Liking creates a connection to this page and i feel it’s invasion of privacy and acct piracy and hijacking and should be stopped. It’s just Wrong on so many levels.

  6. I’m not very experienced in the area of buying facebook likes, but from what I have heard is that its just a bunch of fake user profiles anyway. If you are already an established company with a database of email addresses, you can run your list through Xverify and we can also tell you if your user is registered on a social network. This way you can create a separate marketing campaign just for your users who are socially active and it should drive up your number of likes in a shorter period of time.

  7. @Krista…

    It seems to me that it depends where you get the likes from, as well as how much you are paying for them.

    The first time I purchased likes and got some fans for a page, they were all from Nicaragua and dummy profiles for sure.

    Driving your current subscribers and “actual” people that are interested in your company to like your page is certainly better, but much harder.

    Thanks for the comment!

  8. Buying likes is actually pretty safe. offers fast and affordable likes.

    Yes, I’m the owner. Contact me with any questions.

    My Skype:

  9. I have bought likes to start off pages in the past but it’s pretty easy to spot a fake account. They always like way too many pages.

    Facebook may not be banning a lot of pages for them now but I imagine it will be like Google and blog networks where they’ll take out/penalize a whole bunch in one go.

    It’s not worth it in my opinion. FB’s too good of a tool to risk being banned on.

  10. Good article, makes some solid points regarding the benefits of acquiring facebook fans for your business fan page.

    I actually was in search of such a service a few months ago when our new marketing initiative was to increase our social media awareness.

    I turned to a site called and they did a great job building me a custom fanpage along with building it up to 10,000 fans.

    I would give them a call and see what they can do for you. Best of luck!

  11. Some people believe there are hundreds of millions of fake FB users. Facebook itself admits there are at least 50 million fake profiles on the site, which renders the whole “Like” concept totally useless.

    You’re not fooling anybody with fake Likes. Visitors to your page can see that they don’t engage or participate in any way, even when the Likes are from real people who were paid to Like your page. An investigation by the BBC found some FB users are Liking 3,000 to 5,000 pages a day.

  12. actually i tried a very good facebook likes and twitter followers providers, i got 35000 twitter followers for a very cheap price in 48 hours! really useful!

  13. I keep reading about a lot of people who are really getting bent out of shape about people buying facebook and twitter likes. I have to wonder however is it really any different than a site ran by big business offering you a discount or a coupon for liking their sit

    Look at all the restaurants and stores that offer free deserts, buy on get on free products or 10% cash back and all you have to do is like their facebook page.

    Heck even politicians buy you vote when they make a promise they don’t intend to life up to. If they truly intended to live up to the promises, they would issue printed statements you could hold on to and prove they said it.

    The point is, we have built a world that runs off greed. If you truly want to stop it, start at the top and work your way down, not at the bottom with the little home businesses just barely eeking out a living. If those in charge change, most everyone else will follow.

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