Mindset Series Part III: What Do You Actually Want In Life?

Wrapping up our Mindset Series, Part III is all about you… Who you are and who you want to be.  If you haven’t been following our sereis, I’ll give you a little reminder.  Part I helps us put procrastination behind us and start taking action, Part II encourages us to find the balance between that action in our business and personal lives.

Part III: What Do You Actually Want In Life?

No, it’s not money, money is just the vehicle you will use to get there.

Knowing what you really want in life is not an easy discovery for most people. The daily demands and routines of adulthood can shrink even the best laid plans and lifelong dreams. Having enough money to do what you want can be as affordable or expensive as you make it. When you know what you want in life, you can begin each day with a new outlook and work toward your ultimate goal of getting where you want to be in your life.

The Illusion of Money

Money is an essential part of our lives. There are few things that you will find for free in this world. Money changes lives, people and social classes. Money is also a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Someone that comes into more money will find that money brings more complications into their life. Rock stars, movie stars, stock market investors and lottery winners know all too well about the illusion that money creates in life. There are many wealthy people that live lonely lives. Money should be used as one of many tools to get you closer to the things that you want out of life.

Know the Source of Your Happiness

People that are known to procrastinate, complain and give 100 different reasons why making changes in life will never work are usually unhappy people. Happiness is like a magnet for success. Finding out what you want from life has a lot to do with what makes you happy. Being stuck in a job or routine that makes you unhappy is a sign that you need to evaluate your personal happiness. You can locate the source of your happiness by making and analyzing a happiness list.

Things to include in your happiness list:

• What Used to Make You Happy as a Child
• Your Happiest Events from the Last Two Decades
• The Best Vacation You Ever Had
• What Job You Would Do for Free Everyday
• Who Makes You Happy
• Your Passions
• Simple Things in Life You Cherish

After completing your list, you can begin to analyze the information that you have listed. You may be surprised to see many things you forgot about in life due to the stress and pace of your current lifestyle. Knowing what makes you happy puts you into the right frame of mind and allows you to relax. When you have nothing to fear, your happy lifestyle takes over and propels you toward achieving what you really want out of your life.

How to Discover What You Want in Life

When your happiness gives you focus, you can take a long look at what you have accomplished in life and locate more things to try. Fear is the dirty word that most people encounter when making plans to do things that are out of the ordinary in life. Being afraid to take steps in another direction prevents you from seeing life on the other side. The end result may be good or bad, but having the courage to dispel fears gives you the energy to put your feet down on the ground and make an effort.

Your current job is likely something that you have to do compared with what you really want to do in life. The safety and security provided by your current salary can be hard to give up to try something that might make you happier in life. Taking risks is something that every successful person has done. There is a big difference between taking a risk and blowing your entire retirement savings.

Ways to Discover What You Actually Want in Life

• Try New Things That Do Not Cost Much
• Volunteer Your Time to Expose New Surroundings
• Obey Your Inner Voice
• Take Affordable Risks
• Put Your Plans into Action

Your daily happiness will lead you closer to what you really want from life. Knowing how to prioritize ideas, emotions and feelings that you have outside of your current lifestyle will help you discover what you really want. Little steps each day in the right direction can make your inner dreams a reality. Your inner voice will guide you into what you want out of life. Your money are time are used as your vehicle to find it.

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