Must Have Tools for Doing Webinars

Webinars are a great learning experience for both presenters and attendees. A bad webinar is never forgotten and a great one will likely be watched over and over for years to come. At some point as an Internet marketer, you will be asked to be a part of a webinar or come up with your own idea to present one to the Internet world. Although any product or service can be included, there are some must have tools for doing webinars to make them look and sound professional. You don’t need a huge budget or complete audiovisual production studio to produce a webinar.

The Basics Necessities for a Great Webinar 

1. A Good Microphone 

Since webinars are all about recorded voice and video, a microphone cannot be underestimated when planning a presentation. A quality microphone will be worth the investment that you make. You don’t need to buy an expensive microphone, but you do need one that is better than what you have on your computer right now. There are many choices of microphones, but one of the best values that we use for our videos is the Audio Technica AT-2020. This mic is versatile, well made and has accurate reproduction of your recorded voice. Even professional musicians and voice over artists use it.

2. Screen Capture Software

You don’t need a Hollywood production to record your voice and computer screen. Regardless if you have a Mac or a PC, a screen capture program will do the trick. One of the best is known as Camtasia. This software is used by Internet marketers, educators and business people all around the world to record their voice and computer screen at the same time. This is the backbone of any webinar. The great thing about the screen capture software is that there are no time limits and you can always pause the software to fix mistakes or errors. Screen capture software lets you put you create a perfect audio and video recording.

Stepping Up to Advanced Webinar Tools 

3. Live Video Conferencing

Holding a live webinar is one of the best way to introduce yourself to a larger audience. Companies like GoToMeeting make it super simple to hold a live webinar or teleconference. For less than $50 a month or a 30-day free trial, your live webinar can be accessible to the Internet world. The online software can archive your entire webinar for later viewing or if you want to package if for sale as one of your products or services. You just need a regular Mac or PC and you can hold a live presentation anytime you want.

4. Autopilot Webinar

Holding a webinar in more than one place at the same time is a great way to get more exposure. The easy and autopilot way is to use   the Automated Webinar Generator. You simply upload your recorded presentation and use the Webinar Generator software to schedule your webinar anytime that you want. You can host the webinar on your own web server or use the servers that are provided.  You don’t need to appear at a webinar ever again. Record it once, put it on auto pilot and enjoy the rest of your life.

These tips give you the basics of what you need to create and distribute webinars like an Internet marketing pro.

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