Review of Automated Voice and Text Messaging by Call Loop

Call Loop was founded by our friend Chris Brisson. Chris is also one of our mastermind students at Marketer’s Black Book. We’re going to take a look at this helpful service Chris and his team have created to help put your marketing communication on autopilot.

What is Call Loop?

It’s not everyday that a software program or handy SEO tool is created that makes us excited at Marketer’s Black Book. As Internet marketers, we know the struggle of putting together a marketing campaign and following up with those on our massive mailing lists. Tools like AWeber are great for managing email, but the mobile marketing world has been left out in the cold. That is until now.

We tested out the Call Loop platform and found it to be one of the coolest timesaving tools we have ever used. Call Loop takes marketing into the 21st century. The service is easy to understand and use. Call Loop is by far the easiest way to send out SMS text messages and voice messages without doing any work. The system is totally automated and lets you concentrate on other aspects of running your website or business. No more fumbling around with contact databases. The one-click interface that Call Loop offers makes marketing to your email list a breeze.

Awesome Call Loop Features

The one feature that most programs for mailing list marketing do not include is address importing. Many lists allow “opt in only” making a direct import difficult. Once your list is built, it is hard to move the list to another provider. Call Loop takes care of this problem by automatically syncing your Aweber, Constant Contact or other popular email list building program right into the Call Loop application. Once click imports your entire email list including names and contact phone numbers. How cool is that?

An easy to use autoresponder makes contacting those on your email list easy. A single blast of text messages or voice messages is likely to be read faster compared to a standard email. With more people using mobile phones or other Internet connected devices, reaching those on your contact list away from a PC is essential. You can follow up with future voice and text messages at the frequency that you set inside of the Call Loop interface.

It is easy to upload a recording in any file format to be used for email blasts. If you don’t have your own recording, you can make one through Call Loop! A recording option allows you to use the microphone input on your PC, laptop, mobile phone or other device to record a message to send out to your list. There is no software to download or other applications needed to start recording. You don’t have to be a pro to deliver powerful voice messages.

The voice messages that are sent out for each campaign are even Do Not Call compliant. This means that you will not face any penalties if you are calling hundreds or thousands of phone numbers that are listed on the Do Not Call registry. That could be an expensive mistake, but Call Loop has your back with every voice message that is sent from your account.

The Verdict is In

If you are not using Call Loop for your business or website, you are probably losing a lot of sales. Simply relying on email alone is no longer effective when there are other forms of communication that people are using. Staying in touch with your email list by email, text message and voice message is a sure fire way to grow sales without the legwork that some marketers go through. At a cost of only $.05 per text message or one-minute message, it is a really cheap way to get a ton of results.

Automate your mailing list with Call Loop. You will not regret it.




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