The “Secret Internet Marketing Ninja HQ” And Event Feedback

So the entire team’s been swamped catching up from our Internet Business Intensive event we held in Jacksonville Beach a couple weeks ago.

Here’s the group picture of all of us from the last day!

There we taught business owners how to put their revenue on steroids using the Internet.

If you were there, thank you so much! The feedback has been incredible. It was our first live event and we’re glad we could deliver value.

(And sorry about the room size, it’s was wall-to-wall and standing room only. We expected only 50 people and got over 80. (I guess that’s what good marketing does!)

If you weren’t there, sorry you missed out. I hope you joined us on the live stream. We had people from all over the world tune in!

Anyway, a couple days after I shot a secret video of the team hard at work from our oceanfront “Secret HQ”.

Here you go…

Yep, we are real people after all!

And before I go, check out what some people had to say about the event. We’ve got dozens more videos like this, but here are the first few!

And that’s just the start!

Till next time,


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