12 Simple Steps That Can Double Your Online Sales Conversions

It is a two way daily battle to attract new website visitors and to convince these visitors to make a sale after reading presented information. While some websites boast more success than others, the truth is that anyone can learn helpful techniques to increase online sales conversions that translate into higher profits. Your products and services could be great, but it is the way they are presented that can result in failure.

Here are the 12 simple steps to help you achieve higher sales conversions.

1. Cut Out the Clutter

The average Internet marketer receives income from multiple sources. These include banner displays like Google Adsense or affiliate links. These buttons, banners and graphics can be distracting to a new website visitor that arrives to obtain information about one specific topic.

You can do things like:

• Remove Large Graphics
• Shorten Lists and Bullet Text
• Use Like Color Schemes

2. Make Your Pages Personal

Most consumers respond well to pages that are personalized with the information that they need. People feel comfortable at a trusted website and are more likely to continue with a request for information or complete a sale.

Personalization can include:

• Geo-targeting Information
• Giving Access to Your Deeper Content as a Reward
• Utilizing Live Chat Software for Instant Assistance

3. Present a Great Offer

There is a reason that retail stores make use of bargains and special offers. These tactics easily attract new customers that will hopefully follow through with a sale. This identical method can be used on your website.

Your offers could include:

• Powerful Sales Copy and Call to Action
• Reinforcement of Your Primary Offer
• Use of Deadlines and Limited Special Pricing

4. Avoid the Catalog Syndrome

Too many websites resemble offline catalogs with multiple choices that overwhelm the average consumer. A niche website must use the space provided to get right to the point and give visitors what they want quickly.

You can integrate the following elements:

• Present the Information Visitors Want Immediately on the First Page
• Establish a Level of Trust and Speak Directly to Visitors
• Make it Effortless to Locate the Product or Service That You are Selling

5. Headlines Increase Your Sales

Headlines sell newspapers, magazines, fast food and automobiles. There is nothing more important than a headline on your website that draws visitors in and excites them to continue reading.

Elements of a great headline include:

• Product or Service Benefits to Your Customer
• Answers to a Problem
• Factual Information

6. Revise Your Pricing

You could be pricing yourself out of business if you have never altered your pricing. Price is not always the deciding factor in a sale unless it is too high. Try revising your price a little lower and see what happens.

Ideas for price changes include:

• Offering Installment Payments
• Giving Discounts to New Customers
• Dropping the Price and Including Freebies

7. Change Your Call to Action

If you are using text like “Click here to learn more”, you are almost guaranteed to not make a sale. People react to a call to action when something of value is attached. Revise your call to action to witness your changes increase sales.

Effective calls to action include:

• Discounts or Special Offers Attached
• Bold, Italics or Highlighted Text
• A Product or Service Guarantee

8. Pictures Make a Difference

A simple picture of your product is not as appealing as a picture of someone using it. Customers respond to portrayals of successful use. Informercials have used this selling tactic for decades because it works.

The best photographs to use are:

• Photos of Your Product or Service in Use
• The Outcome of Using Your Product or Service
• Photos That Include Captions

9. Avoid Long Paragraphs

People are interested in your products or services and not your life story. People respond best to short informational segments of text and this is where buying decisions are made.

Steps to improve your paragraphs include:

• Write Product or Service Benefits Without Relying on Descriptions
• Choose an Appropriate Font Size and Color
• Use Subheadings and Bullets for Speed Reading

10. Include Audio and Video

Television commercials that entice sales use audio and video. You can use it successfully too. Never write about what you can show or explain to someone in 30 seconds or less.

The benefits of audio and video include:

• Showing Your Product or Service in Use
• Audio and Video Can Be Shared Outside of Your Website
• You Can Speak Directly to Your Customers as a Real Person

11. Organize Your Sales Page

Nothing turns away customers faster than a poorly designed sales page. If you accept checks, make it easy for someone to find out. Reinforce the quality of your product or service before a customer clicks your buy button.

Great sales pages include:

• Your Phone, Address, Email, Twitter or Facebook Information
• Requests for Personal Information If it is Necessary
• A Notice That Every Purchase is Secure

12. Guarantee Your Guarantee

Jilted customers will hate you for life and make sure that the rest of the world knows about the problems experienced with your website. Taking care of every customer and offering some type of guarantee or incentive will ensure that your sales continue to grow.

Ways to keep customers happy include:

• Offer a Warranty or Guarantee with Every Sale
• Give Frequent Discounts to Loyal Customers
• Solve Every Problem Quickly with a Definite Solution

Achieving Online Sales Conversions Success

Integrating these 12 simple steps into your websites and landing pages can help you to get higher online sales conversions that will help grow your business. The economic challenges that consumers are facing is increasing the difficulty of you getting a portion of their discretionary monthly income. Sticking to the basics and presenting your products or services correctly will help you reach consumers that are ready to spend money with you.

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