Top Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs

Top Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs: Ways to Recognize Them and a List of Some of the Best Ones

Affiliate marketing is one of the legitimate ways of making money online. However, many affiliate marketers have difficulties during the process, especially, when they need to decide which affiliate program to promote.This problem becomes more difficult if you are looking for affiliate programs in the Internet marketing niche. There are too many affiliate programs in the Internet marketing niche to choose from. With so many choices, it is really hard for you to make the right decision. In fact, the purpose of this article is to clarify how to choose the best affiliate programs and to give you a list of carefully selected affiliate programs that you may consider promoting.

The Key Points to Consider When Choosing Affiliate Programs

  1. Make sure the affiliate program has positive feed back and high ratings.
  2. Consider both your interests and the subject of your website or blog when deciding on the product niche. You will have a greater chance of being successful in promoting a product if you like to write about it and if what you write is relevant to your existing content.
  3. Investigate the demand for the product and the competition in its market. Choose a product which has high demand but low competition.
  4. Be aware that your page will not make the sale. Therefore, examine the sales page of the product carefully and promote a product only if you believe the sales page has the potential of a high conversion rate.
  5. Consider the earning potential for the product. Is the affiliate commission percentage acceptable? What is the payment policy of the affiliate program? Are there multiple payment options? Does the product have long term earning potential? Is the cookie duration long enough? What is the reversal or return rate?
  6. Make sure that the affiliate program provides quality marketing tools and full support for its affiliates.
    As you can see, choosing an affiliate program is a serious task which involves many considerations. However, if you consider these key points, you will be safe to go ahead and start promoting the product and earn commissions.

Some of the Best Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs A web service which allows users to get free WordPress blogs with Premium theme and setup on their own domain name. You can earn up to $71 from its affiliate program for each blog sign-up you refer. All-in-1 step-by-step system for building an e-business. Affiliates can earn up to $250 per subscription. A training program which teaches how to build profitable websites. You can earn up to $185 per initial sale and additional $33.50 per month per referral. A niche content provider selling PLR content. They offer 50% of every sale. Live chat customer service software. Affiliates earn 30% of the first subscription payment and then receive 30% of all following subscription payments by those customers. All in one shopping cart, affiliate marketing, mailing list and content management solution system. They offer 30% recurring monthly commission. An ecommerce management system. You can earn $150 commission for the direct referrals and $15 for the 2nd tier referrals. Web hosting services. With recurring commissions, you can earn up to 400%. A web-based affiliate tracking system. You can get up to $50 from every sale. Email marketing software. You can earn 20% recurring monthly for each sale. Premium WordPress plugins and themes. You are offered 50% commissions. The leading social media management and measurement dashboard. You can join their affiliate program through ShareASale or Commission Junction. A leading company offering php based scripts, including Inout mailing list manager, search engine, PPC engine, ad server and query space. They provide a reliable tracking system and pay 20% commission for each sale. SEO software and tools. You can earn up to $197.67 or 33% commission per sale. A popular SEO software, tools and resources provider. You get $25 for each free trial signup you lead. A keyword research tool that generates the most current keyword data. You can earn 45% commission from each sale you refer. Search engine marketing services to the small businesses. The affiliate commission is up to 45%. A leading pay-per-click advertising network. You get commissions when your referrals become eClickZ publishers or buy advertising through eClickZ. A leading SMTP service provider. Affiliates earn 10% recurring commission on all sales. It is an affiliate marketing training program with the focus of promoting Amazon products. Affiliates can join their affiliate
program through Clickbank. Article distribution network. You can earn 50% on first sales and lifelong 50% on recurring payments of membership. All in one marketing solution with a single web based software integrating mobile text, email, voice broadcast, instant message and social media marketing. The affiliate commission is 25%. A website testing and tracking service. It is another Clickbank product and offers 50% commission to its affiliates. An affiliate marketing coaching membership site. You can earn up to $148.50 per sale. An article distribution system. They offer 5% commission for the first sale and 50% commission for every sale thereafter.

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