Using Google+ For Business

Some analysts estimate that Google+ will have more than 300 million users by 2013, so using Google+ for business is an important consideration. Although Google+ now allows you to create business profiles, you can also use Circles to promote and market your business through your personal account. This is especially useful for creating personal relationships with business contacts, and puts a real human face behind your business. However, this can make it more difficult for potential customers and others to find your business on Google+ and places limits on the content you post.

Not only do Circles make it easier to keep up with the different aspects of your network, you can communicate directly with everyone in each Circle without alerting people in others, or send content to everyone in your network. This means that you can communicate directly with all of your distributors at once, without that message being available to your customers or competitors who might not want or need that information.

Google + Circles for your businessThe Circles you use will largely be determined by the type of business you run, but also the approach you take. Friends and followers can belong to more than one Circle, but create your Circles carefully to minimize the risk of alienating those in your network. Of course, mistakes do happen and sending inappropriate content to the wrong circle(s) of people can cause irreparable damage to your business, so be careful as to what you post in general.

Another approach is to setup a Google+ business account to keep your business-related correspondence separate. However, be sure to include your own profile in one of your business Circles – usually one like Managers or Administrators. Your approach can still be as formal or informal as you choose, but your business will be much easier for others to find on the network.

Although you can build a Google+ profile for your business, you could just as easily communicate with customers, employees, and others in your business and industry through the clever use of Circles on your personal profile. While this may make it more difficult for some to find your business on the network, it has many other benefits. If you decide to use Google+ for business, be sure to include yourself in one of your Circles so that others in your network know you are involved and can contact you directly if they need to do so.

If you haven’t already done so, go and set up a Google+ account today. Setting up a business account on Google+ is easy and there are helpful videos and documents to show you how it is done. We will even be providing some on this site. Once you choose the categories that best fit your business, you simply fill in your business information and your profile is live. Google+ for businesses leaves little room for description, though. You want to be sure that all of your pertinent information is included so that potential customers and partners can find out more about your business and contact someone if they choose to do so.

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