Why Mobile?

Why Mobile

Why mobile? Over 969 million mobile subscriptions now exist in the United States according to the International Telecommunications Union. There are 286 active mobile broadband subscriptions out of the nearly 1 billion mobile users now in the U.S. The growth and usage of mobile communications can no longer be ignored by business owners. Mobile marketing is one area of business that is catching steam and those that are marketing to mobile users are boosting company revenues. Getting started reaching mobile customers is much easier than most people think and can be one way to help reach a fresh source of paying consumers.

Quick Mobile Marketing Statistics for Business

– 50 percent of company revenue will be from mobile and social media by 2015
– 294 billion emails are sent daily online
– 35 million mobile apps are downloaded each day
– Over 2.4 billion people will use mobile email by 2016
– Google earns 2.5 billion from mobile advertising each year
– 36.4 percent of all mobile subscribers use Internet connected browsers
– 31 percent of mobile users read mobile email daily

How Mobile Marketing Helps Your Business

Brick and mortar retailers know that men and women that make walk-in purchases will likely shop again if they are satisfied. Mobile marketing allows constant communication with consumers. Through the use of text messaging, applications or mobile, email communication is simple. Mobile marketing bridges the gap that happens after consumers make a purchase.

With mobile marketing, you’ll never have to find answers to these questions:

Are my customers happy?
Did they find what they wanted?
What else do customers want buy?
Do coupons work?

Email open percentages are less than 16 percent for the average email sales letter. Data revealed by Mobile Marketer revealed that open rates for mobile emails are now 34 percent. This 100 percent increase is expected to grow annually as more communication takes place between consumers and companies through mobile.

Mobile applications are big business and consumers download millions of applications daily. Free applications can be built by following this tutorial online. Companies that could not compete in the past due to rising costs of mobile applications development now have no excuse to not have a mobile app to share or sell. Delivering information, sales pricing or last minute deals can be handled with mobile applications.

The Cost of Mobile Advertising is Cheaper

A recent study reported by KPCB reported that the average cost for 1000 mobile ad impressions is only $.75. A standard print advertisement can cost upwards of $100 or more. The lower cost of mobile advertising is helping more companies to tap into the millions of mobile users in the U.S. Ads can be displayed across different phone networks to reach different groups of mobile users. The iPhone, Android, Windows or Symbian phones all have lower display advertising based on volume.

Mobile Websites are Easy to Build

Apart from mobile advertising, mobile website creation is another way that can boost company exposure and revenues. There are free versions and paid versions that can help expose your company to a mobile audience. Free websites like those found here can turn your company into a quick and easy mobile resource to sell products or services. Distributing a mobile website through email, text messaging or advertising can ensure no technological holdups prevent your website from being navigated online.

This information provides the starting point that you can use to start getting serious about mobile advertising and its many benefits to your business. Getting on board while mobile is growing can help you capture the market share that you’ll need to sustain your business in the 21st century. With more computer users now relying on mobile, you’ll be able to reach consumers to build your brand and profits through mobile technologies.



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