3 Unorthodox Ways to Develop New Traffic

As marketers, we are constantly thinking about different ways to build traffic and exposure to our web properties. Fortunately, there are a lot of new and creative ways to develop traffic that are either underused or not commonly talked about. By using one or all of these strategies, you can significantly increase the traffic to your web properties as well as gain a much deeper knowledge of what your community cares about. Let’s get started.

Using Subreddits for TrafficThis is an extremely under-appreciated strategy for developing a new traffic source. Reddit is a hugely popular social networking website that allows you to become the moderator of your own “subreddit.” This means that you get an entire page on Reddit’s domain that is devoted to whatever topic you choose. By using this to create a new community on Reddit, you can tap into the mindset of people within your niche. Additionally, you also have the ability to add links to the sidebar, which gives you the unique opportunity to link to your website as well as any other authoritative websites that relate to your topic.

Get on Pinterest ASAP

If you haven’t heard about the explosive popularity of the new social networking startup Pinterest, you may be living in a cave. This unique website allows you to create boards which you “pin” links to. These links can be to anything: pictures, articles, sayings or phrases, and much more. The beauty of Pinterest is the fact that it is heavily trafficked by people who are into images. If you have high quality images that relate to your niche, throw them onto a Pinterest account and create some catchy board titles. Be sure to focus on the beauty, hilarity, or of certainty of the images, because this is what drives the traffic on Pinterest. Additionally, infographics do extremely well on this platform, typically spreading throughout thousands of different boards and users.

Google Alerts and RSS Feeds

While this might seem like an old-school tactic, you can use it in new ways. For example, you can set up RSS feeds from many different traffic sources. Craigslist, Reddit, and a variety of different forums allow you to set up RSS feeds that target specific keywords. By monitoring these along with any Google alerts for keywords or phrases that you have set up, you’ll get a clear picture about what people online have to say about your niche. You’ll get immediate notifications and will be able to reach out for guest blog posts, partnership opportunities, or linking opportunities. These are all in valuable ways to develop new traffic and tap into new sectors of your community. You might even be fortunate enough to discover a new twist on your niche that you can use to expand content on your own website.

These are just a few creative ways to develop new traffic online. As a marketer, and especially as an Internet marketer, you have to understand that the web is moving faster than it ever has in the past. If you are content to keep using the same marketing strategies that got you success in the past, realize that your website will be left in the dust by competitors who are expanding and innovating.

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