Put The Simple Equation That Literally Guarantees Fast Outrageous Profits to Work for You!


It doesn’t matter what business you currently run or want to run, you’re making things much harder on yourself if you fail to get this powerful equation working in your favor. It goes against the grain of everything you’ve been taught, but it’s far from complicated. Get this equation right and your dreams of financial freedom, driving you to run or launch your own business, can be quickly realized, without fail!

Get this powerful equation wrong and, at best, you’ll likely wind up with just another job without a timecard to punch — because you can never clock out.

Forget about the worst-case scenario. It’s not at all pretty.

Business success is all about numbers. Sales plus expenses equals return on investment. The numbers must add up correctly if you’re going to succeed. And yet, most business owners fail to maximize the one equation capable of making sure-fire success happen faster than all the others combined, the one bit of extremely simple math that can make or break you:

Don’t beat yourself up. It’s not your fault. Entrepreneurs tend to work alone. It’s the nature of the beast. You’re often forced to build on your vision until it’s possible for others to see it, too. Almost everyone, even family and friends, watches you skeptically at first, their arms crossed, that “wait-and-see” look in their eyes, literally challenging you to make something happen.

So – you roll up your sleeves and dive in alone. You work round-the-clock, possibly holding down a full-time job, stealing every moment, working late into the night to get your business up and rolling.

You might be lucky. You could have a partner working with you — possibly more than one. Partners can definitely help you bring your dream to life. Really good partners are hard to find, but they can seriously help ramp the success equation up.

Still, even if they share your dream, even if they, too, are working around-the-clock to help you bring your business to fruition, there’s only so much you and your partners can do. Unless you or your partners are experienced in all the intricacies of marketing and business-building today, the equation for certain success will never get you there quickly.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to be a slave to your dream, working long lonely hours to bring it to life. Marketer’s Black Book holds the keys to maximizing the Time + Effort equation, bringing you outrageous success and profits – quickly!

Our team of experts knows everything there is to know about all facets of direct marketing, both online and offline. We’ve already mastered the learning curve through experience, not theory. We know how to apply real-world working solutions to virtually any marketing or business-building problem, large or small.

If you qualify, you could have the Marketer’s Black Book team working on your behalf. Whether it’s internet marketing consulting, or offline marketing consulting, we’ve got you covered! Our internet marketing coaching programs and offline coaching programs are so powerful, we’ve been able to increase our clients profits by millions time and time again!

With our team on your side, you’ll be able to glide painlessly through the maze of online and offline marketing options. We’ll show you what you need to do, what should be avoided and how best to apply what works today, right now, to make explosive profits a reality for you — without shooting yourself in the foot and draining your wallet trying to figure it all out on your own.

There are pitfalls everywhere that could easily suck you and any partners you might have in. The Marketer’s Black Book team makes it our business to know what those pitfalls are, and we can walk you around them.

Working together, we would effectively multiply the Time + Effort equation by a factor of 30 or more.

Apply now for personal, one-on-one offline marketing and internet marketing consulting with the Marketer’s Black Book team. If accepted, we’ll be your team. We’ll put that all-powerful equation that guarantees fast outrageous success into high gear for you. We’ll work with you to solve your specific problems and provide the custom-tailored solutions and guidance you need to win every step of the way.

We can’t accept everyone. We can honestly only work with a very limited number of people. We’d love to take on everyone, but that’s simply not how real one-on-one consulting works.

If accepted, we’ll be with you all the way, taking your concerns about all facets of marketing and business building off the table, including:

    • Web Design
      o What platform should you use?
      o Which layout gets “magical” results?
    • Search Engine Optimization
      o What words and phrases pull huge traffic?
      o What should you avoid to make sure search engines love you?
    • Pay-Per-Click
      o How much should you pay?
      o Which are the best keywords to buy?
    • Facebook
      o How do you build a business page to maximize followers?
      o What are your best advertising options?
    • Twitter
      o How do you easily build a rabid profitable following?
    • Mobile marketing
      o How do you position your business for traffic and profits?
      o What tricks literally hypnotize people to visit your business now?
    • Copywriting
      o Headlines, subheads, subliminal persuasion
      o And too many other options to list here!
    • List-building
      o How do you make prospects actually beg to be included on your list?
      o How do you get them to buy repeatedly once they are?

– Online video
– Social media
– Direct mail
– And literally every other aspect of marketing to build your business fast!

Just fill out the application form on this page. We’ll get back to you right away and let you know if you qualify. If you do qualify, we’ll join your team — and we’ll be the best partners you could ever hope to have.

Don’t delay. We’re very good at what we do and a lot of other people are reading this page the same time you are.

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