Auto Repair Shop Marketing Ideas


If you’re searching for automotive repair marketing and advertising strategies, this source is a great start. Owning a small business takes more than daily work. Marketing your message to the right group of people is important. You want paying customers not lurkers. We’ve put together some of the easiest to implement strategies to help your auto repair related business to boost its income.

5 Top Strategies to Get More Customers Into Your Auto Repair Shop


1. Buy Automotive Leads

There is more than one way to get customers. Not every person is searching for auto repair but needs it sooner or later. You can get auto leads by targeting people searching for auto parts for sale. This is a sure way to find people who are willing to come to you for repair work. One of the sources that we’ve found for leads is Auto Pros USA. This company can provide you with phone calls, online quotes, quotes sent by text message or email.

This company offers fast quotes for auto repair marketing leads.

2. Paid Advertising with Adwords or AdCenter (Google, Bing and Yahoo)

These networks are easy to tap into for online leads. There are pricing packages that are setup to be economical for all budgets. One thing that each of these companies provides is free coupons for ad costs. $100 coupons are easy to find online doing a search for “Google Adwords Coupon” or “AdCenter Coupons” online. Sometimes these freebies are listed in computer magazines or other online ads. Each advertising account is free to setup and can be launched in minutes.

3. Amazon Local

Amazon is the largest retailer in the world. People who buy auto parts usually use Amazon as a source. A great way to find new customers is using the Amazon Local approach. You can advertise in your city by creating special offers. These offers are generated to any person who visits in a geo-targeted area you select. Packages are reasonable and you only need an Amazon account to get started.

4. Local Business Listings on Google, Bing and Yahoo

One thing that all major search engines like is user traffic. Most of the generated traffic is from business websites. Programs are offered through all major search engines to list your business. You can easily pickup some extra traffic by creating listings in the local sections of Google, Bing and Yahoo. This is an easy way to target local shoppers who might prefer to keep their shopping in your area.

5. Used SEO for Front Page Listings with Google

You can get to the top in Google. It is possible. One of the experts now offering reasonable rates for first page placements is Brian Hanson. He is one of the top SEO consultants in the U.S. and specializes in automotive SEO strategies. Brian has ranked more automotive websites in Google than automakers have. Brian is also a key speaker at Marketers Black Book in-person events. If you want first page placements, this is the guy you’d want to have on your side to destroy your competition online.

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