Best Ezine Directories List

What is an Ezine? It is an electronic newsletter or magazine that is published on a serial basis. How is it pronounced? Most people say “e zeen” and if you want to get a good laugh ask 10 people how to pronounce it and you’ll get some funny pronunciations. Regardless of what you call it, an ezine is a great resource to find useful information. If you can think of any topic, there is probably an ezine written about it. There are two ways that you use these electronic wonders to get traffic for your website.

How to use an Ezine

Content is the magic word that you need to know to get people coming back again and again to your website or blog. The way that you acquire your content is important. If you do not have something writing content, you will have to have a source to find it. An Ezine is a good place to start. The a variety of topics that are centered around these electronic publications can surprise you. The best part about getting ideas for content after reading zines is that the content is likely to redistributed thousands of times already. You can procure this content, put more information into it or add your own style to it and publish it on your blog or website.

Another great way to make use of Ezines is to use them strictly for advertising. Just because you have never heard of a particular zine does not mean that no one else reads it. Many publishers have thousands and even hundreds of thousand subscribers to lesser known Ezines that you can use to advertise inside. Placing solo ads or classified ads inside of the zine of your choice is a great way to reach a large audience. If you are selling a product or service, placing these ads can provide you with a way to increase your sales conversions easily.

Best Ezine Directories List

Get More for Your Advertising Dollars

A great tip to use when contacting list owners is to ask about multiple placements of your solo ads or classified ads. The price is really cheap when considering the audience that will read the advertisements that you insert. Many list owners are willing to cut you deal on two or three ads over a short period of time for one low price. An example would be if you bought a $30 solo ad that will go out to 50,000 people. You could ask the list owner if he or she can send out your ad 2 times for $40 instead of one time for $30. This method generally works well and will get you a ton of new traffic for less money than you think.

It is also wise to start out with a small solo or classified ad to test the reaction that you get.  You could have the greatest website, products or services in the world and not get results. Most ads are best if they are informational or promotional without a call to action. People like learning about new blogs, websites, products or services and selling can come later after they visit your website.

Start using Ezines and you can increase the amount of visitors to you website without trying so hard. It’s a great secret to know and one we use here at

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