Best List of Generic Anchor Text For Link Building

No one likes to be slapped by the invisible Panda. The Internet marketing world is in a frenzy to recover from the latest slap that has severely damaged thousands of website rankings. Why does Google do this? Because they can apparently and like to change up the game that Internet marketers like to play. Are you tired of getting slapped? I know I am and have decided to do something about it.

My team and I have been working non-stop since the latest slap to figure out the best way to recover. My team and I jumped into action and quickly started changing the anchor text on our pages and backlinks. Instead of linking to the homepage with the same anchor text, we have started to diversify using generic anchor text and deeper linking. I am happy to report that for the most part many of my websites have recovered.

We’re slapping the Panda back and kicking the Penguin in its gut and taking back our old spots in Google. My team and I have compiled what we believe to be the best list of generic anchors for link building. We are giving our list away to help everyone bounce back that was affected by the latest Panda update.

Best List of Generic Anchor Text for Link Building

• go to the website
• moved here
• read review
• my review here
• continue reading this
• see page
• see post
• great site
• helpful site
• on the main page
• on front page
• use this link
• redirected here
• my latest blog post
• her latest blog
• updated blog post
• funny post
• I loved this
• read this post here
• her comment is here
• his comment is here
• from this source
• breaking news
• the full details
• my sources
• the original source
• homepage
• this contact form
• official source
• sources tell me
• what do you think
• your input here
• what is it worth
• my explanation
• her explanation
• his explanation
• their explanation
• sell
• find
• good
• the advantage
• advice
• basics
• for beginners
• consultant
• description
• directory
• experienced
• inquiry
• enquiry
• lowest price
• a replacement
• killer deal
• one-time offer
• go here
• the full report
• these details
• recommended you read
• straight from the source
• additional resources
• additional reading
• how you can help
• additional hints
• more tips here
• my response
• his response
• her response
• get redirected here
• cool training
• a knockout post
• had me going
• agree with
• super fast reply
• a total noob
• what Google did to me
• here are the findings
• on Yahoo
• on Bing
• at Yahoo
• at Bing
• such a good point
• made my day
• official statement
• published here
• linked here
• this guy
• that guy
• total stranger
• conversational tone
• click here
• read more
• click this
• this post
• he said
• she said
• learn more
• do you agree
• link
• weblink
• right here
• here
• see
• I was reading this
• he has a good point
• great post to read
• over here
• check this out
• read what he said
• look what I found
• my latest blog post
• a fantastic read
• watch this video
• listen to this podcast
• dig this
• learn more here
• over at this website
• this hyperlink
• top article
• I thought about this

A cool way to improve this list of anchor text is to use a great online tool called Spintax. You just enter your generic text into the web form and Spintax will spin it for you. You can create endless versions of anchors to use. It is important to remember to vary your anchor text and throw in a few about 50 percent of the time. This will keep you in balance with the recent Penguin changes.

The best way to implement generic anchor text is to update your old links first and your new links as you add pages. This reversal of the Panda slap works best when Google indexes your site daily. When all of your links are changed together, this means less repeat visits by the Google bot that could uncover an unchanged anchor text and put an extra slap on your website. Consistency is the key and using generic anchor text for every link including backlinks in article directories or web 2.0 directories.

MBB Exclusive Tip: use one-word generic anchors before or after your target keyword to punch the Penguin harder in the gut. As more people start using this generic list of anchors, Google will be hip to the over optimized anchors again.

Example: Instead of “buy Viagra” try using “top buy viagra secrets 

If you monitor your site analytics daily like I do for my websites, you will start to notice an upswing in your traffic in about a week or two. You won’t recover overnight but you will recover. It is over stressed these days, but you really should have high quality content on your websites and content linking in to your website. Part of the slap is again cracking down on useless or spun content. Be unique. Be original. Hire a writer if you have to and get great content. Diversify with your anchor text and link deep and you will get back to dominating Google search results.

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    This is a Great Swipe!!!!

  2. Just starting to understand. You have been a great help.


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