Google’s Book ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) Reviewed

The term ZMOT may be new to you, but if you have ever made a purchasing decision to buy a product you have taken part in ZMOT. The new book by Jim Lecinski, Managing Director of U.S. Sales and Service at Google, takes an in-depth look into how consumers purchase products in the digital age. Consumers are more informed in this decade compared to the last decade. No purchase is made on purely impulse alone. A structured approach is made by every consumer whether they know it or not during every sale.

According to Jim Lecinski, ZMOT happens when consumers grab an Internet connected device and begin searching for useful information. The percentages of consumers that use ZMOT may be hard to believe, but everything in the Zero Moment of Truth book is backed up by real data and information.

For example:

1. 70 percent of American consumers depend on product reviews before making a purchase.
2. 79 percent of consumers use a smartphone to help with shopping.
3. 83 percent of mothers research products online after watching television commercials.

Combinations of online tools are used to provide information to consumers. These include textual information, streaming videos, eBooks and email messages.

Review of Select ZMOT Chapters

Chapter 2, The New Mental Model, explains how making simple changes to your marketing model and including the ZMOT approach can help you reach consumers that are ready to make purchases right now. New data has revealed that consumers use 10.4 sources of information before any product or service is purchased. This is essential for Internet marketers that own on several niche websites or blogs.

Chapter 4, Ratings and Reviews, is the new word of mouth online. The average person that reads a review will search for answers to three questions that involve saving time, saving money and intended lifestyle improvements. Informative online reviews written by average people help purchasing decisions to be made.

Chapter 6, How to Win at ZMOT, digs into how to effectively use ZMOT to win the war on attracting web consumers. Learn how to prove your brand is positioned correctly online. The variety of free tools that Google provides can kick start a successful ZMOT integration for any website.

Chapter 7, MOTs Next?, explains that the mobile revolution is not the future. It is already here. Mobile accessibility has changed the way that consumers do business online. The use of podcasts, streaming video and mobile email marketing techniques help to catapult your brand into the eyes and hands of consumers worldwide.

The ZMOT Wrap Up

Every Internet marketer shares a common goal of finding success online. While most emphasis is put into SEO, not understanding consumers that will purchase your products or services is the quickest route to failure. Becoming aware of how these decisions get made it what ZMOT is all about. Every Internet marketer that is serious about sales conversions can learn something from ZMOT by Jim Lecinski and Google. The techniques taught in the Zero Moment of Truth book can put any Internet marketer in a better position to reach online success.

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