Here is our Number One Book System Review from Author Ryan Deiss

Number One Book System Review

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If you’re looking for information about Ryan Deiss’s Number One Book System you’ve come to the right place. In this review we’ll take a closer look at Amazon Kindle Marketing, and the e-book ecosystem created by Amazon’s platform. We’ll also explore the work Ryan Deiss and Digital Marketer has done in the e-book and digital publishing industry.

Why Amazon Kindle?

Amazon’s growth is on FIRE… caused by the Kindle fire and it’s e-book platform. As Kindle e-reader’s reach continues to expand, so does the need for information to feed the eco-system.

Let’s look at the facts:

• In just four years of its debut, Amazon Kindle ebook sales surpassed print sales.

• Amazon’s competitive pricing structure of the Kindle Fire, and it’s aggressive marketing and advertising campaigns and positioning has proved effective for making the Kindle Fire a recognized household name.

• In December 2011 Amazon announced that they sell over a million Kindles per week. That number only continues to grow.

• The Kindle reader is not only available on the propriety hardware, but also on other smart phone platforms such as Android and Blackberry, Apple products, even the PC and MAC.

• The Amazon “Prime Network” adds increased incentive to Kindle users only fueling growth. (With over 5 million members)

• April 2012 article praised the Kindle Fire and the KDP Publishing platform.

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Why Do Kindle Books Matter To You?

• Publishing a #1 ranked Kindle book can be a major credibility booster for your business.

• Kindle books are excellent lead generators and are the perfect front end, or entry level offer for any information product or business. Book buyers are high quality leads for any business.

• With a number one ranked Kindle book, you can quickly and easily dominate any niche in any field by being the obvious expert in that field or industry.

• You can profit from the self-publishing revolution. Imagine making a micro-income from a few hundred sales of your ebook each month. (Think of the recent bestselling book phenomenon, 50 Shades of Grey)

What Does Ryan Deiss Know About Kindle Ebooks?

Ryan Deiss has been a major advocate of using existing marketing channels for your own promotions. is the world’s largest ecommerce store and its platform easily allows individuals to promote their products via their network.

You can easily tap into the “juice” behind Amazon’s credibility, recognition and trust with consumers.

Not to mention that as a vendor in the Amazon eco-system you’re listed in their large database of products all accessible via Amazon search reaching millions of buyers worldwide.

Ryan Deiss’s last special report on Amazon revealed how to use the ecommerce site to sell your own products. In fact, at the last Traffic and Conversion Summit, this type of “channel marketing” was a major topic.

Ryan Deiss and The Digital Marketer team has tested and proven a way to sell tens of thousands of ebooks via Amazon and its network.

These ebooks include non-fiction and fiction with topics from how to purify water, to politics, to comedy and social media.

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About The Number One Book System

The Number One Book System (NOBS) is the most comprehensive course on Kindle publishing and marketing.

Inside the system you’ll find proprietary tactics for ranking your book #1 in Amazon including free giveaways, titling your book properly, how to write a book (or have it written), what to do to keep your book at the top and much more.

You’ll also be given many tools and support to help you dominate the Kindle publishing and marketing world.

If you’re interested in the Number One Book System by Ryan Deiss, I highly suggest you review our outrageous bonus when you invest in Ryan Deiss’s product though our special link.

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