HootSuite.com Review

As the results of our marketing activities on social media become measurable and we realize how effective social media is in reaching our marketing objectives, we are adding more and more social media networks to our marketing plan. The problem is that the task of managing all these networks becomes harder as the number of networks grows.

Being an online marketer, you may already be using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with multiple accounts on each. However, do you think that as you add more networks to your arsenal, you will be able to manage all your accounts successfully, log into them every day, post valuable content on them and reply to your messages? The good news is that you can easily get rid of all managing problems with an effective solution called HootSuite.

HootSuite is the leading social network accounts management tool, and it enables you to manage multiple social network accounts from a single dashboard. Let’s overview the powerful features of HootSuite that will surely save your time and increase the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts.

– You can manage multiple social network accounts, like Twitter, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn, from a single dashboard.
– You can add multiple profiles to each social network.
– You can schedule an unlimited number of messages for individual networks.
– You can adjust your settings in order to give permission to your team to access your Hootsuite dashboard to jointly manage your social profiles.
– You can organize your team’s workflow with assignment tools and scheduling.
– You can use Geo-targeting functionality to tailor your messages by location and language and maximize the effectiveness of your social outreach.
– You can add Google Analytics into the conversion pages of your site and use HootSuite’s Google Analytics integration to monitor how your social media outreach translates into conversions.
– You can manage your accounts from your mobile phone through a powerful application.
– You can use the extensions and applications provided in the HootSuite App Directory and add their functions on your dashboard to generate a customized experience. Some of the featured applications include RSS Reader, YouTube, Tumblr, Flickr, Trendspotter, InboxQ, Get Satisfaction and Digg.
– You can post your blog’s new content automatically to your social networks by setting HootSuite to check your blog’s RSS feed at the time frames of your choice.
– You can generate custom reports to measure the results of your social media marketing, such as the popularity of your social media messages and the influence of your social media strategies to your website traffic.

These are some key features of HootSuite, and there are many more advanced features that you will be amazed with. The benefits found in these features will increase the effectiveness of your social media marketing immensely. If you don’t want to miss this great opportunity and learn what else HootSuite can do for your success, visit HootSuite.com now and try it for free with an easy registration.

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