How I Ranked on The First Page of Google In Less Than 24hrs

First, I CANNOT guarantee YOU will get to the first page of Google in 24hrs. However, I can show you a proven method that has placed tons of websites on the first page of Google in the past. First, you might be asking why I cannot guarantee something if I’m acting like an expert on the subject…the reason is because I don’t know what Google is going to do next. One change in the algorithms and things that worked yesterday, don’t work today.

Also, before moving forward, I must warn you that this is NOT a white hat tactic. While it’s a very clean tactic, and not spammy, Google doesn’t want people paying for links. Having said that, few SEO’s get their links without paying for them in one form or another. In regards to paid links, this technique is one of the least likely to get penalized if done properly.

The technique is about getting homepage and blog roll links from relevant, high PR, quality websites. Now, if you were to get a relevant, high PR, homepage or blog roll link, from a quality website, just because the owner of the website liked you so much and wanted to place your website link on their website, you’ve just landed the holy grail of organic links. However, in most cases, it’s extremely hard to get someone to just gift you a link to your website. So we go out and buy those same links, under the radar.

Why it’s hard to get homepage and blog roll links – I thought I’d put this quick explanation on here, so I don’t have some know-it-all telling me that you just need to write good content and people will link to you. That’s easy said than done. Some people have websites that are not going to attract links unless they get extremely creative. Here are some examples…


  • Funeral Caskets
  • Door Hinges
  • Toilet Seats


I’m not going to say that it’s impossible to get links to sites geared towards the subjects above, and I could’ve given some real thought to finding better examples, but when is the last time you thought to yourself, “Man, I really need to find a good toilet seat company to put in my blog roll”?
The reason companies like this have such a hard time getting links is because they are limited to the amount of information they can blog about.

People link their websites to information they find helpful or interesting. How many interesting articles can you write about when it comes to door hinges? On the other hand if you had a website about losing weight or travel, you could attract free links like crazy. O.K., I think you get my point, so let’s assume you have a website that makes it hard to play by all of Google’s rules, and you need some hard hitting links to help skyrocket your website to the top. Here’s what you do…

  1. Go to websites like,, and (there are many others)
  2. Type “your broad niche + blogroll” into the website search bar. Also, try using “your broad niche + blog roll” in a second search (some people put a space in between the word “blog roll” and some people don’t).

Example: If your industry is Jamaica resorts, type in “Travel Blog Roll”. Wait to see what comes up. You are looking for blog roll links in your industry. You can also type “Jamaica Blogroll”, you may find a little diamond in the rough, but I’m teaching to go broad because you’ll find something a lot easier. You can hone your skills after your first link.
3.) Another thing I like to do is just type in my niche without the word “blogroll”. I do this because sometimes you find hidden gems that didn’t pop up with the term “blogroll”.
4.) This way is the hardest way to find ‘relevant’ links, but worth mentioning. Just type in “blogroll or blog roll” into the search bar. Some people have several blogs or websites and they don’t list them online to protect their websites. By doing this, they don’t pop up using niche terms.  You will have to request the owner to send you his list of domains and their IP’s.
Note: When you are going through the process above, you’ll find other link opportunities, like blog posts and guest posts. You should buy blog posts and guest posts too for link diversity, but this particular article is about finding powerhouse links…blog posts get knocked off the homepage within days in most cases, which results in a PR0 or PRN/A link.
Tips When Searching For Powerhouse Links


  • Links are sold monthly, yearly, and permanent. Don’t disregard monthly or yearly links. While it’s tempting to only buy permanent links, the best links are usually sold monthly or yearly.


  • Prices can vary from $5 for a permanent link to $30 or more a month. Judge your purchases buy evaluating the URL you are considering buying. A great tool for evaluating website power is The higher the AC Rank on SEOMajestic, the better the link will be. Also, a free and quick tool to use to evaluate websites is SEO Tool Bar found at


  • Don’t buy links from websites that link out to porn and gambling websites.


  • If you buy more than one blog roll/home page links from your seller, because they have multiple websites in your niche, ask them if they are on separate IPs. You don’t want to get links from a bunch of websites hosted on the same IP address…this is a huge flag to Google.


  • Vary your anchor text. Don’t link back to your website with the same term over and over. If you have a internet marketing company in Atlanta, Ga, here is an example of how to vary your anchor text: Internet Marketing Atlanta, Atlanta SEO Company, SEO Services Atlanta Ga, etc…(I like to use my URL for the anchor 60%+ of the time. You are unlikely to get penalized for trying to rank for your own domain name.


  • Don’t get 50 blog roll links the same week. These things are powerful and there is no need to leave a footprint. Instead, do 1-2 and see what happens to your rankings. If you want to continue doing 1-2 a week, make sure to mix the link pattern up with social bookmarking, directory submissions, and press releases…all on a very small scale. This will mix up your links and look more natural.


  • Keep up with your momentum. Don’t do a bunch of links and stop. This screams paid links. That is another reason to scale it back and do things slowly…not only will Google appreciate it, but you won’t have to spend a fortune keeping up with yourself. Less is more, especially if you only acquire very calculated and relevant links.


  • Be picky! Don’t get sold by people who say they know everything in the world and they can give you 5000 links in one day…this is a terrible linking strategy.


  • Well, I think that’s it for now. I hope all this makes sense. I know this will be on my list of video productions. I hope you enjoyed. I think you’ll be AMAZED at the results you’ll see.


All The Best,


P.S. Most high end SEO companies have what’s called a network. Networks are several websites, on different IP addresses, privately or secretly registered domains, all controlled and owned by one person or company. They use these websites to get their clients page 1 rankings. These networks cost a ton of money. My friend just bought another one for $45,000, but I’ve heard of them selling for over $100k. You’ve now learned how to get some of the same links you’d pay $3k a month for to a high end SEO company…congratulations!

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