How to Buy Bulk Traffic

Paying to get traffic to a website is becoming more common. Organic search marketing can only go so far until other measures must be taken to reach consumers online. Learning how to buy bulk traffic can help you reach your visitor quota that you require for your website. The main goal of buying traffic is to get it to convert into sales. One of the good things about paying for small or large amounts of web visitor traffic is the testing that these methods provide. You can judge what is working and what is not without spending a lot of money in the process.

Buying Bulk Traffic vs PPC

Banner and text advertising works well although the cost can be expensive for certain keywords. It is not uncommon to find keywords or key phrases that are $10, 15 and up to $50 per click. The pay-per-click method does work as a form of traffic building although there is a big cost difference between this method and paying for bulk visitors. Pennies on the dollar instead of per click is one way that you can analyze the cost ratio.

[box type=”tip”]Quick Cost Calculation

Bulk: $25 per 10,000 guaranteed vistors = $.0025 per visitor

PPC: $10 per click = $10 per visitor


Paying for visitors is completely natural and is one of the marketing methods you can use to grow your company, brand or affiliate efforts online. We’ve put together one of the largest lists of bulk traffic buying sources that you can find online.

Best Bulk Traffic Companies









9. Fiverr 

10. 45 Sites Like Fiverr

How Much to Spend Buying Traffic

Your budget will always depend on the success of your marketing. New websites that are not yet established can test conversion ratios by sending a small and controllable amount of web visitors. Taking note of any sales conversions can help you to plan existing and future budgets. The affordable nature of spending money on this form of marketing allows you to test different companies and services. It is possible to spend less than $20 to receive up to 10,000 visitors to use as your testing grounds for your website or social media page.

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