How to Buy Existing and Aged Domains

Have you ever heard of buying and selling domain names? This activity happens everyday and you can get the deal of the century if you know where to buy. Domain names are Internet real estate and increase in value depending on search engine volume. You can buy existing and aged domains to setup a website for your business or to use as an Internet marketer. There are several ways that you can purchase a domain name that is owned by someone else. A domain name auction is just the beginning.

What Happens When Domain Names Expire?

Domain name registrars hold the domain names that are active each year. When these domains become inactive by non-renewal, they are placed into a reserve for 35 days. This allows the domain name owner the chance to renew the name or face deletion from the Internet Registry. Domains that are not renewed are often sold in the domain name aftermarket. Each day there are thousands of domain names available for quick sale. You can buy these names because they are put into the databases of registrars due to abandonment. A great source for these names is WebAddress.

Where to Buy Existing and Aged Domains

1. eBay
2. FreshDrop
3. SnapNames
4. Flippa
5. NameJet
6. Godaddy Auction
10. Sedo
11. Bido
12. Domain Tools
13. Name Cheap
14. AfterNic
15. Domain State
16. Just Dropped
17. Flip Filter

How Much Do Existing and Aged Domains Cost?

Deals are everywhere. Prices do fluctuate and the owner of a domain name that has not yet expired can set his or her own pricing. Many great domains can be purchased for as little as $8. The average price seems to hover around $25 to $100. This is a small price to pay to get a great name. Buying and selling domains is the actually the easy part. Knowing what to buy can be more difficult since you cannot actually visit a website that is up for sale. How do you determine what to buy? Glad you asked.

How to Research Domains to Determine Value 

Many domains are priced based on three factors. These are its age, daily traffic and the amount of page rank that it has. An aged domain can come with a hefty price tag if it also has high page rank. Getting placed high in Google will be much easier with a domain with these traits. There are three tools you can use to verify age, traffic and page rank when scouting domain names.

1. Way Back Machine 
2. PR Checker 
3. SEMRush

Use the Way Back Machine to verify what a website is about. You do not want to buy a domain that was previously used to promote unethical activities or pornography. These websites can be blacklisted from search engines. PR Checker will allow you to verify the page rank to make sure it is accurate. You don’t want to get stuck with a PR 1 domain name when you thought it was a PR 4. SEMRush can verify the anchor links, keywords previously used and the amount of traffic that a website has received. Using these tools correctly will help you get an existing or aged domain name at a bargain.

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