How To Create a High Paying Info Product From Scratch With No Money or Experience!

What you have in your hands is a brain dead, simple method to make money in the information business in any niche…even if you have no experience whatsoever. And, best of all, this technique is FREE. You don’t need experience in the niche, you don’t need experience in the information business, you don’t even need money…yes, you heard me right!
Before I get into the goodness, I’d like to take a moment to point out that this guide is not jam packed with pages and pages of fluff, transcriptions, and other worthless crap that we don’t care about…in fact, it’s only about xx pages. This guide is filled with hard hitting strategies that get right to the chase, so you can be riding the information wave in days.
So let’s get started…

Step One

Go To and sign up for a reporters account. It’s as simple as giving them your name, email, and the media company you work for (your company). Just so you know the caliber of HARO’s visitors..some of their clients are: ABC, CNN, Fox, CBS, DOW Jones, McGraw-Hill, etc…

Step Two

You’re going to publish an ad looking to interview someone on the subject of your choice. For this example, let’s say “Quick Start SEO Guide for New Companies”. Within the ad, you will state that you are only looking to interview someone that is an expert on SEO and can help you teach beginners the best practices for starting an SEO campaign for a new business.
At the end of the ad you will include your contact info and tell them to write a brief summary about why they would be the best candidate to interview for the video. This is the key! Make them qualify for the interview.
Optional: Have an application ready for them to fill out. When they email you their summary, tell them that there’s one more step to qualify, and email them out the application.

Step Three

When you think you’ve found the best person for the interview, set a recording appointment to record your interview/product.

Step Four

Visit and sign up for their free 30 day trial (cancel before the 30 days if you don’t want to be charged). If you do everything outlined in this guide, you’ll most likely be paying for on a monthly basis.

Step Five

Set a GoToMeeting time to host the meeting, based on the time you agreed on with the interviewee.

Step Six

Prepare the questions you are going to ask on the call. Below are some examples of questions you could ask, but it would be best to create your own. Keep in mind that a good interview is just hanging out having a conversation with someone, don’t treat it like a police interrogation. Make the person you are interviewing feel comfortable. A good way to break the ice is joking around a little bit to break the tension.

When Did You Start Your Life as An Internet Marketer?
What Made You Get Into Internet Marketing?
How Has That Affected Your Life?
Why Did You Lean Towards SEO?
Do You Have Any Suggestions For New Business Owners Out There on What Kind of SEO Strategies a New Business Should Be Using?
What Kind of SEO Strategies Should The Listeners Avoid?
Some Say SEO is Dead. Would You Agree?
Where Do You See The Future of SEO?
Could You Give a Quick Fast Action Plan on How Our Listeners Can Get Started This Week, and What The First Steps Should Be?
If You Had a Chance to Do it All Over Again, What Would You Do?

You Should Have About 25 Questions, But We Wanted To Give You A Few Examples.

Step Seven

Hold your GoToMeeting with the expert and store the recording in a safe place.

Step Eight

Repeat the process 3 times, but use sub-topics, like Social Media, Branding For SEO, and Local Business SEO Secrets.

Step Nine

Reach out to some information marketing businesses that already have a list of people that would be interested in buying your videos. Tell them you have a “Beginners SEO Course” that you’d like to sell for $XX to their list and they can keep 100% of the profit, your only rule is that they have to download the product from your opt-in page.
Note: the smaller to medium info business will be easier to work with. The big fish commonly referred to as “Guru’s” may be harder to work with until you gain market credibility. The easiest way to snag on to a BIG FISH is to show proof of conversion from the joint ventures you make with small to medium info companies. The most important thing to a guru is conversions. If your offer has a high conversion, you will have no problem striking JV’s.

Step Ten

When you get your first JV, you will send the offer to their list by email. The buyers will come to your website and buy the front end product for $XX (100% of this goes to the promoting affiliate). After the purchase is made they will be taken to another page that upsells them into the 3 subtopic videos for an additional $XX if they take action now…you keep 100% of the upsell sales.

Step 11

You get paid! But most importantly, you now have a LIST! And, if you didn’t know already, the money is in the list! The upfront sales are nothing…those are just so you could have a little bonus for taking your time to develop the product.
The BIG money is in the backend. You can repeat steps 2-8 again as many times as you’d like and create all kinds of new BACKEND products to sell your list.
Interesting Fact: Did you know that most front end courses produced by the BIG FISH do not make money? When you buy courses for $37, $47, $97, etc…those costs are JUST covering the cost of acquiring a lead. And, in MOST cases it ends up costing the promoter money just to sell you that course. Why would they do that? Because the money is in the list…backend sales is where you make ALL the money.

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