How to Create a USP

A USP is an acronym for “unique selling proposition.” Companies primarily use it to differentiate themselves from their competitors, or to gain a competitive edge, according to Your USP can pertain to the products or services you sell, the way you purchase your products, or how you address certain consumer issues. If you want to create your own unique selling proposition, evaluate some of your core competencies. These are the things you do best, or one of your unique attributes.

Start by identifying your key target customer. Think of the key benefits that they value when purchasing your products or services. For example, they may primarily purchase your products because of quality, which can include taste and serving temperature if you own a restaurant. You may have a superior engineering staff that enables you to deliver the utmost quality. Conduct some customer surveys among employees if you don’t know what’s important to them. You need to create a USP that revolves around your target audience to get the most benefit.

Look at unique aspects of the products or services you offer. You may offer unique features, styles, fragrances, sizes or colors that competitor’s don’t offer. You may have certain unique ingredients in your products or access to certain raw materials that other don’t. Choose something that is difficult for competitors to duplicate for your USP. For example, you may have a patent or trademark on a certain product that can’t be copied by competitors.

Distribution may be another core competency. Think about your distribution channels, such as retail or wholesale stores. Use a special relationship with a distributor as your USP, especially if the distributor offers you special deals that you can pass on to consumers.

A USP can also be a consumer problem or need that isn’t being fulfilled in the marketplace. Hence, it is possible to create your own USP by offering a product or service to fill that particular need. Identify new markets or uses for your products. For example, sell your highly effective cleaning products to industrial customers. Create website software that helps people save time. Provide classroom instruction related to the products or services you offer.

You must also communicate your USP to customers and non-customer consumers. Feature your USP on your business cards, brochures and letterhead. Create a tagline or slogan about your unique offerings for any radio and television commercials. Continue to build awareness of your USP.

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