How to Do Ad Swaps

There are few things quite as lonely as a barebones email list. You can try all of the Internet marketing tricks you know of in a certain niche and still end up with a miniscule email list. If you are tired of reading success stories of Internet marketers making 2K a day through email, you can do something about it if you know how. That’s where ad swaps come into play. When you know how to do ad swaps correctly, the size of your email list will double, triple or even surge to 50 times what it is right now. Your ego might grow a little too but that’s OK.

Ad swaps first started in the late 1990s when Internet marketers traded links in exchange for cash or some other type of stipend. Remember when having an email address was a big deal? Having an email address is still a big deal and you can use this form of contact to your advantage when marketing your products and services to a qualified list. Ad swaps give your website or affiliate link the opportunity to be distributed in someone else’s list. You do the same for someone else and you both benefit.

What’s the Catch with Ad Swaps?

As with anything in life, there is always the fine print that you have to know about. Let’s be realistic. A marketer with a 100k email list is probably not going to do an ad swap with you if you have a small list. When researching potential ad swaps, it is important to remember that people that want to swap lists like to do so in a similar niche or industry. Marketing your real estate business to a list of people that collect stamps is probably not going to be effective. It does take a little bit of your time to post an ad swap request on an ad swap website and find the right email list to swap. For the most part, ad swaps are free although some companies charge a monthly fee for the service. It’s a small price to pay to get access to people ready to buy your products and services if they know about them.

List of Ad Swap Websites:





Best Frequency for Doing Ad Swaps

It is really, really tempting to grow your list so huge that you will have an endless supply of email addresses. Capturing emails is very similar to telemarketing phone calls. Most people aren’t requesting the contact that you are giving, but if you offer great products or services they might think twice. A regular frequency of ad swaps can build your list over a period of 30 to 90 days. A good pace to use while you learn Internet marketing is to participate in 3 ad swaps per month for 3 months. This gives your list time to grow and will let you cycle through the people that are not really interested in what you have to offer. It is true that not every email subscriber you get will last, but it is the ones that do that will provide you with the foundation to earn a substantial income just from sending out emails.


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