How to Find a Trained Sales Copywriter

Writing copy is an art form. It might not be the most glamorous form, but it is the single biggest reason for converting people into buyers. Not everyone can write like Gary Halbert and many have tried and failed. One of the best investments that you can make in your website or content is spending your money on a copywriter that gets results. Learning how to find a trained sales copywriter will make your sales conversions easier and more profitable.

Before you know how and where to hire a person, it’s important to know what your copy needs to have in each instance it is written. If selling products and services is what you need, there are some basics that when used properly make great copy.

These basics are:

1. A connection with readers
2. A great offer
3. Proof or testimonials
4. A clear call to action
5. No grammar or spelling errors

When you know what good copy reads like, you can go off on your own quest to find a great copywriter. There are multiple research methods that you can use to find top writers for any topic. One thing to keep in mind before hiring someone is to not let price rule your decision. Great writers are not the least expensive to hire. It costs a little (or a lot) of money if you want to make money from conversions.

Where to Find a Trained Web Copywriter

You don’t have to search long hours just to find a writer that you like. We’ve found some of the best writers from the very sources that we have listed in this resources section. Take some time before you hire the first person you like. Go ahead and read examples of copy, sort through resumes and ask questions before giving the A-OK to a writer. Writers love challenges. You can find a trained copywriter pretty easily that is ready for any testing you have to complete.


Each of these websites can produce hundreds of thousands of trained copywriters for you to interview and hire. You don’t have to be an expert writer to hire one. Great writers know what to expect when presented with ideas, examples or lack thereof during the writing process. You own research could land you a great writer. A referral from a business associate or one of the resources that we’ve provided could help you to develop great relationship with a talented sales copywriter.



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