How to Get Free .EDU Links

Spend a little time eavesdropping on two Internet marketers and you’ll likely to hear a lot about building high PR .edu links. Some links are just boring links and then some links are the Holy Grail to Google. Domains that are .edu extensions are always highly favored by all search engines. Because these websites are scholarly by nature, these sites are usually trusted to deliver very useful information to general web users. Bow down to the power of the .edu backlink. Now that you know what they are, you might be wondering how to get free .edu links for your website or blog. There are several easy ways to get them.

How to Get Free .EDU Links 

1. Blog Search Method | Skill Level = Too Easy

When you want a .edu link, all you have to do is say 3 times “drop my link” and it just happens. Wait … that’s embarrassing. We do have a method that will work great for you. Just go to this website and use the free tool. Drop My Link lets you do just that. It is a modified search engine that uses Google to find relevant .edu blogs to let you post a comment. Use the search box to type in keywords or phrases that are relevant to the website or blog where you are trying to build backlinks. You will literally find thousands of blogs that are do-follow and will allow you to post a backlink. Sign up might be required to post on moderated blogs, but you can always skip those in favor for the one-click solutions.

Additional Tip: Drop My Link works great for .gov blogs too.

2. Job Board Post Method | Skill Level = Beginner

Google can do a lot for you if you know how to use it to find things you want. Did you know you can find college students to work for you? Free help is great or at least cheap help can be great. Go to Google and type in this phrase:

“off campus job board”

This will bring up hundreds of job boards that college students use to find extra work during the school year and in the summer months. Probably 80% of the gene pool at any university can help you build a backlink. Using Google for this search is great because you get 2 things for your time. You get an instant .edu backlink if you put your link in the posted job description. You also get a knowledgeable person (we hope) to help you build backlinks. Every college student gets a university email address that can be used to get into high PR forums or even to create one. If you talk to a college kid nicely, he or she might do some posts for you that include a high PR .edu backlink to your website.

3. Google Boolean Operator Search | Skill Level = Intermediate

Don’t let the name scare you. Doing advanced Internet marketing sometimes calls for the need to whip out the big guns. You can find thousands of .edu websites where you can put your backlinks if you know how to manipulate Google searches. Since search engines are just modified computer databases, learning how to use Boolean operators in your search will help you weed out what you don’t want in search results. When using special modifiers, you can get exactly what you want Google to give you. It’s not always this easy, but this is pretty darn easy to do.

Type this exact phrase into Google: inurl:blog “post a comment” -“you must be logged in”

This tells Google to display all websites that end in .edu and that are a blog. It further instructs Google to search for the exact phrase “post a comment” and it removes any blogs that include the phrase “you must be logged in.” This will save you a lot of time and hassle by NOT creating user accounts to post on a .edu blog.

Using these tools correctly can get you some really powerful backlinks that will send gallons of link juice your way. Be careful though when building your backlinks from .edu domains. If you build too many too fast, Google will get suspicious and put your website in the penalty box and let the Panda and Penguin have their way with you.

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