How to Get People to Like Your Facebook Page

Remember high school when popular guys and girls were “liked” by everyone? That’s kind of how Facebook is now. It’s no coincidence that Facebook was created as a semi-popularity contest online. The more likes that your profile or fan page has then the more people trust you. As an Internet marketer or business owner, branding your image and reputation online is a big deal. If you know how to get people to like your Facebook page, you can play the popularity game and make everyone pay more attention to you.

Why Facebook is So Important

Facebook is a social media giant. You might not be into the whole social media thing. You might even ignore it but it’s costing you. Data recently published by the giant itself revealed some awesome information. There are currently over 200 million people that are connected to the Internet in the United States. No, that’s not the awesome point. The awesome point is that over 71 percent of U.S. people use Facebook once or more everyday! That’s about 142 million people (for all you accountants out there) that you could be marketing your products or services to through Facebook. Now do you see why Facebook is so important?

How to Get People to Like Your Facebook Page 

If you don’t have a Facebook fan page, please stop reading this right now and go create one. Then come back and finish up. It’s always best to create an account for your business or affiliate products instead of your personal life. If you do have a profile, we’re about to show you several different ways to get people to like your page. Building up your likes is like having a bunch of pats on the back in public. People take notice when admiration is given. People on Facebook are no different. People talk. People watch videos. People know what’s going on. People can learn to “like” your products or services.

1. Beginner Method 

If you are just starting out, it’s OK if you just have a couple of friends that you’ve added on Facebook. It’s no big deal. Everyone has to start somewhere. The easiest way to get likes to your fan page is to promote to the friends you already have. You can put a social media link on your website for any visitor to “like” your page. You can also use the built in Facebook “suggest to a friend” and send out a mass campaign designed to get more people to like your fan, product or service page.

2. Advanced Method

The word advanced usually requires a higher level of skill and probably costs money. This advanced method is no different. If you are running low on marketing to your own list of friends, you can do what most marketers do when the chips are down. Pull out your wallet (or purse) and pay for some Facebook advertising. The budget that you set will be up to you and it’s really pretty inexpensive. We like to show you the free stuff first though because you don’t make money as an Internet marketer overnight. You will in time but not your first night.

3. Ninja Method

Sometimes being lazy does work out for you. If you really have NO time to do anything, it’s just easier to hand your project to someone else and let them do it. You’re probably familiar with the concept of outsourcing. We use outsourcing a lot. We even have our go-to list of awesome outsourcers that we could not live without. The easiest way to get a ton of “likes” to your page is to use Fiverr.

There are literally hundreds of gigs that you can find where someone will generate likes to your page for just $5. You can buy as many gigs as it takes for you to reach your ultimate goal of Facebook likes. The likes you purchase are from real people that could very well buy what you are selling or marketing. It’s one for the money and two for the show.

[box type=”tip”]   Wondering if buying likes is legal. You’re in luck. It is legal.[/box]

There are many other ways to be liked more on Facebook, but they involve Black Hat ways and things that could get you in trouble in some parts of the world. Make use of the one of the 3 ways that we taught you and build up the likes on all your Facebook pages you create to gain more credibility.




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