Internet Marketing for Beginners Website Acquired by Marketer’s Black Book

Change is in the air and Marketer’s Black Book has been working hard to develop new opportunities for our loyal website subscribers. We keep in touch on a pretty regular basis, but the big news that we have to report could not wait for one of our easy to read emails. The entire team here at Marketer’s Black Book is proud to announce that we have acquired the domain We listened to your emails, phone calls and requests for assistance on our social media pages. This acquisition is for businesses and individuals that want to take things slow and learn from the entire MBB team in a step-by-step way.

Why This New Website is Needed 

We do a lot of seminars, conferences and consulting work right here from our secret headquarters. We also travel the country and meet a lot of nice people (just like you) that support what we do online. As many of you know, our website started as a simple idea to help fill the void of information that we never had back when we were just mastermind students. We created Marketer’s Black Book to be the premier website online that teaches the latest tips, tricks and SEO techniques for traffic building. We have been successful in this venture. We know from experience that everyone learns at a different page and we wanted to slow things down a bit.

That’s why we acquired the domain. 

If you haven’t read our buying aged domains post, please click here as we used the very same information in the blog post to acquire our new domain to help you!

What You Will Learn at the Internet Marketing for Beginners Website

Do you hate working for someone else? We know that some of you run your own businesses, but about 90 percent of you work for other people. We used to do that too. That is until we were smartened up to the SEO game and became in-demand Internet marketers. We now how to make money online; therefore, we will be breaking things down into small chunks of information for you. We literally start with the most basic concepts and progress slowly until you’ve mastered them all.

Some things you will learn include:

• Affiliate Marketing Basics
• Finding and Building a Niche Website
• Setting Up Affiliate Partner Websites
• Expert SEO Keyword Selection
• How to Build a Website with No Computer Experience
• Creating or Acquiring Original Content
• Building a Blog
• Branding with Social Media
• Taking Your Website or Blog Worldwide
• Putting Your Entire Business on Autopilot

Probably the coolest thing about our teaching method is that you can make money fast. This isn’t some affiliate or pyramid scheme. You will build a real website from a real niche and monetize it just like we do. We own over 300+ websites and we have mastered the art of Internet marketing online. Our new website is designed totally for beginners and you need absolutely no experience. We’re excited about this opportunity and cannot wait to start teaching our expert Internet marketing knowledge.

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