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I recently had the chance to sit down with Christina Zila from  Christina gives us the lo-down on how to best utilize textbroker, the ultimate source on the web for SEO content creation.

One of the little known secrets of successful Internet marketers has nothing to do with a magic formula or set of tools to build success. It has to do with acquiring unique content for an affordable price. Unique content has always been a problem and successful marketers have little time to devote to writing their own content. The big reveal is how to acquire quality content quickly. The secret is using to acquire the content that is needed that will help drive traffic to a website. Hiring freelance writers has been standard for decades, but Textbroker has taken the old freelance model and blown the doors off of it. Has a Huge Database of Experienced Writers

The days of getting referrals for professional copywriters and negotiating your own contracts are over. One of the greatest things about Textbroker is that writers are prescreened and evaluated before they are accepted into the Textbroker family of writers. Writers have a strict entrance process to complete before they are able to accept any orders from clients. This internal review process by Textbroker is used to obtain the best writers currently available in a variety of industries. The review process is completed for each writer by a staff of internal Textbroker editors. This ensues that each writer is evaluated appropriately and is assigned the correct quality level to make certain that clients know exactly what they will receive for their investment. Provides Multiple Levels of Quality

The traditional way of evaluating writing quality was going by referrals and reading samples of content that was produced for other clients in a portfolio. Textbroker eliminates the evaluation process for clients and allows each client to set the level of quality that is desired for every content order that is placed. A system of levels, two through five, is used to grade each writer on spelling, grammar, style, tone and uniqueness. Level two writers are the lowest of the five levels and are perfect for link building with general content. The level three writers provide a higher quality of basic link building content. Writers from level four and level five provide the highest quality that is possible at Textbroker. The list below is a quick comparison of writer quality levels.

Level Two Writer

• Lowest Price Per Word
• Prone to Grammatical Errors, Spelling Mistakes and Low Quality Content
• Useful for Simple Product Reviews, Basic Articles and Testimonials

Level Three Writer

• Second Lowest Price Per Word
• Minor Grammatical Errors, Some Spelling Mistakes and Comma Errors
• Useful for Blog Posts, Articles, Social Media and Newsletters

Level Four Writer

• Third Lowest Price Per Word
• Rarely Has Grammatical Errors, Spelling Mistakes and Comma Errors
• Useful for Blog Posts, Articles, Website Copy, Ebooks and Technical Writing

Level Five Writer

• Highest Price Per Word
• No Grammatical Errors or Spelling Mistakes
• Useful for Press Releases, Product Launches, Retailer Website Copy and Technical Writing Has One-Click SEO Tools and Features

Using Textbroker for quality content is one thing and optimizing it for SEO is another. Recent updates to search engine algorithms have put more emphasis on proper keyword density, anchor link diversity and word count. Textbroker provides a sophisticated tool set for clients to use when creating orders to submit to writers. The desired word count and keyword density selections make it easy to tailor orders around specific SEO campaigns. When these tools are used, writers are required to abide by the keyword density rules that each client creates. It is very easy to have one, two or three percent or higher keyword density to meet the ever-changing demands of search engine algorithms. Additional features include a powerful API tool that offers complete control over order acceptance, rejection or publishing to a content management system to increase efficiency in an SEO workflow. Promotes Diversity in Content Writing

Every writer has his or her own strong points for certain topics and subjects. The Textbroker database has well over 100,000 U.S. writers that specialize in a variety of topics. Clients that place content orders through the Textbroker system have the option of submitting orders in several different ways. The first way is to submit open orders into the general population of writers. Submitting an order with a quality level of three gives writers at that level the opportunity to complete the order as well as those writers with quality levels of four and five. The second way is to submit orders, known as direct orders, to a specific writer by searching the Textbroker database of writers. Searches can be narrowed down to writer background, subject area, hobbies, topics or keywords. The third way is to create a dedicated team of writers and submit the order to the team. The orders can be completed by any member of a team to increase the turnaround time of completion. Accepts Multiple Payment Types

Clients can use popular online payment methods to add money into their account for prepayment of all Textbroker orders. Both PayPal and credit cards are accepted to fund client accounts. This means that electronic check transfers, wire transfers and invoices can be used from PayPal to pay for open, direct and team orders. Since the funds are deposited quickly, the waiting time is reduced for crediting a client account with the submitted funds. If a client cancels or refuses an order, the money is returned to the account balance and another order can be placed. This hassle-free method of payment is not available when hiring freelance writers at websites like oDesk, Guru and eLance. Additional Benefits for Internet Marketers

• Clients Own the Copyright in Completed Orders
• All Orders are Reviewed by Expert Texbroker Editors
• All Content is Checked Free of Charge by Copyscape for Plagiarism
• Clients Can Request Revisions for Any Order at No Cost
• Prices Begin at $1.00 for 100 Words
• 1099-MISC Forms for Writers are Completed for Clients

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